Burl Barer
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Burl Barer Talks With Author Diana Montane on True Crime Uncensored

Diana Montane reveals hidden secrets of a pathetic serial killer LIVE this Saturday,

I Would Find a Girl Walking by Kathy Kelly and Diana Montané Girl walking

While working as a reporter at The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kathy Kelly wrote stories about the Stano case which led to a one-on-one correspondence with a desperate, clingy, pathetic little man sitting on Florida’s death row as a serial killer.

“One of the best looks inside the mind and motives of a serial killer that I’ve ever read” —Michael Connelly , best selling athor

“Not only are readers given an in-depth accounting of Stano’s crimes, but they are invited into the mind of this depraved man through his letters to Kelly. And I was very impressed that it didn’t read like a newspaper, as happens to often when reporters turn author. Instead I found a true story that flowed as smooth as romantic fiction and the page turning intensity of a suspense novel. “– Kim Cantrell

Burl Barer (Fatal Beauty) and Howard Lapides (Celebrity Rehab) host True Crime Uncensored with fact checker Mark Boyer, and contributing editor Marie Mackey, Esq.  Produced by Matt Alan, True Crime Uncensored was created by Burl Barer and Don Woldman and is heard worldwide on the Outlaw Radio Network.


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