Dennis McDougal
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Nook is Nice! Available Now: THE CANDLESTICKMAKER

Paperback, Ebook, Kindle and now NOOK, all the ways you have to choose to read


THE CANDLESTICKMAKER is McDougal’s first work of fiction, he’s best known as an award winning journalist for the LA Times, CNN, and NY Times, as well as the author of several non-fiction books about true crime, and biographies of notables such as Jack Nicholson, Lew Wasserman, Otis Chandler and upcoming Bob Dylan.

THE CANDLESTICKMAKER takes readers back to the 1960’s aboard the spy ship U.S.S. Argosy in the war-tossed waters off the coast of Vietnam, three young American sailors form an unlikely bond. Each has fled an America they were raised to love but somehow no longer understand. When forced to choose whether to face combat or stay and fight the war in the streets, they sign up for a war that reflected the conflict that raged inside each of them. The one thing of which they were certain was that the only people in the world that they could depend on were each other.

No matter what format you prefer, THE CANDLESTICKMAKER,  as well as other books by Dennis McDougal, are available.

Did you know, the NOOK version can be shared with your friends?  NOOK “Lend Me” feature is available for THE CANDLESTICKMAKER, you can lend it to your friends for a limited time so they can enjoy it as well.

Check out the program and questions HERE


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