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Omaha’s Project Jason Sponsors the “Keys to Healing” Retreat for Families of the Missing

Nebraska Missing Persons Organization Holds Annual Retreat

The Project Jason Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 3rd annual Keys to Healing Retreat will take place August 12-14, 2011. The retreat is open to family members of missing persons whose cases are listed with law enforcement agencies in North America. Classes offered during the retreat will cover all aspects of living in the “not knowing,” with a focus on mental, spiritual, and physical healing. The Keys to Healing will again take place at the Swanson Center, a spacious, comfortable, and scenic retreat center near Omaha, NE. The entire center has been booked to ensure the most private and peaceful of experiences for the attendees.

Founder and President of Project Jason, Kelly Jolkowski, says, “We who live with the unique reality of having a missing loved one know the difficulties we face in this situation. We know the emotions and the frustrations. None of us living with what is called “an ambiguous loss” knows how long this journey will last, so it’s important that we do all that we do what we can to keep ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually strong for the day we have our answers.”

2011 marked the 10 year anniversary that Jason Jolkowski, name sake of Project Jason, has been missing from his family. Jason, 19, left home to walk 8 short blocks to meet his boss for a ride to work on the morning of June 13, 2001, and within the hour he was missing. He didn’t make it to his destination and has not been seen since. Since the inception of Project Jason in 2003, the organization has become a leader in the community of the missing nationwide.

Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of missing Jason Jolkowski, handles all interactions with family members, and has over 100 hours of professional training in various aspects of missing persons, including emotional support, DNA, support tools, databases and related matters, case management, media interaction, and more. Project Jason is also a member of AMECO, the Association of Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations, Inc., which ensures the member organizations are credible, ethical, and effective nonprofits.

The “Keys to Healing Retreat” will once again include core instructor Duane Bowers, LPC, the nation’s foremost traumatic loss therapist and educator who also provides help to families through Project Jason’s “Healing Harbor” the only online counseling service of its kind. Bowers is the author of “Guiding Your Family Through Loss and Grief” and “A Child is Missing: Providing Support for Families of Missing Children.” Project Jason has declared 2011 as the Year of Relationships at the “Keys to Healing Retreat.” The core classes and the new, more interactive, discussion group format reflect the importance of this theme.

Other classes available to families at the retreat will be Natural Healing with Massage by Ric Chamberlin, A Different Hope, by Ward Foley, Time Saving and Stress Busting Fitness by Dan and Katie Kottman.

For details about the “Keys to Healing Retreat,” please visit the website at
To register for the retreat:
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