Laurie Roth
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“America is the Ship of State that will not sink on my watch.”

“America is the Ship of State that will not sink on my watch.”
Quoted: Dr. Laurie Roth, National Talk Show Host

Dr. Laurie Roth is boldly walking forward in her quest to run for President of the United States.  Her campaign web site is now up which tells about Laurie’s passion, ideas and vision for leading the country  Laurie is a ‘say it like it is’ patriot’  who has published hundreds of articles,  hosted a daily, national radio show for over 10 years,, spoken at various conferences and has a fresh vision of how to put our country back on top.  Roth has said “We have seen what the Politicians, lawyers and millionaires can do.  Perhaps it is time for a real person who loves their country to have a chance.”

With the debt ceiling being raised and many Republicans caving into Obama’s greedy agenda, Roth is all the more determined to run as an Independent and get our country back on the road to fiscal responsibility and debt recovery. Laurie has stated “This country doesn’t have a chance with economic recovery with the Obama administration’s clash with common sense priorities and zero interest in building up American exceptionalism. It has even less of a chance, if we are seduced by GOP establishment that is manipulated by global elitists, internationalism and more of the same.”

Roth has started The Roth Revolution as a place for ‘the people’ to blog, chat, create their own site, organize and make a difference. Steve Eichler, America’s legal analyst and foundational member states:
Dr. Laurie Roth is a seasoned Patriot who loves her nation and is concerned about the direction our country is headed. Her National Talk Show is on the IRN Radio Network and she commands well over 200 stations. The revolution she speaks of is done first in the hearts of true Patriots, then moves into action such as rallies, calling in on radio shows, sending e-mails, letters and faxes to our Non-Representing Representatives and a host of other positive actions which are protected until the U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment of Free Speech and the redress of our grievances.

Roth then brings the concept of Self-Governance back to the people so we then can move pass the rallies and into the voting booths. This is where real change happens, We The People decide whom we want to transact business for us by electing those whom we place our trust in.

This is why I am part of the Roth Revolution, why not join?
Roth is no quitter. She is a survivor of a near fatal motorcycle wreck in August 2005. Her comeback story could also be the comeback story of America. She has publicly said, “I know this will be like climbing up Mt. Everest in a bikini with no oxygen as far as difficulty, but I love my country and believe I have the right ideas and that this is the right time.

Roth expects to have two books released in August 2011. The first is entitled, The Peoples President. It describes in ten easy-to-read chapters what her vision for America is, what she believes in, and how she would work with the constitutional branches of government to fix our country and inspire Americans to return to their centuries-old idea of American patriotic exceptionalism. Roth has not kept her views a mystery from her radio show audience or from viewers of her widely read published articles about various concerns of citizens at home and abroad. Moreover, she is very much outspoken about her personal political point of view.

Laurie’s second book is, Two Minute Warning. This describes how America looks like ‘road kill’ as Roth did in 2005 and how America can come back from near death. This will be out later in August 2011.

Contact: Exploratory Committee Coordinator: Sheryl McGrath


Cell phone: 509-939-5673

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