Laurie Roth
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Let’s put a Patriot and REAL person in the White House in 2012; Dr. Laurie Roth.

Known as ‘Annie Oakley of the Airwaves’ for the last 10 years, with her on-air-live, daily, national radio show, Roth always hits the mark. She entertains, and informs her audiences with real issues and cutting-edge news. She brings passion, vision, courage and vigor to her potential race for The White House in 2012.

Laurie Roth is running on the party of REAL,

R-Responsive Government

Total Tax liberation – No more Federal taxes of any kind, income, excise, property, payroll, gas, and estate tax. Only a national 2% consumption (point of purchase) tax.

Energy Independence – Gather leaders from all types of energy and coordinate an aggressive, energy infrastructure plan. Goal: Energy independence within 4 years and disconnect from OPEC. Have enough extra energy to be deporting energy to other nations.

Total border security – Finally secure our borders utilizing all technology available and National Guard. Stop the 200 billion a year drug trade.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Establish jobs for massive energy infrastructure programs, coal, nuclear, oil, solar, natural gas and alternative fuels; Create road and bridge projects in all 50 states; triple border security and port security, creating jobs; Create jobs by creating tax freedom. People will be thinking of starting businesses again, hiring and expanding. Reopen and fund NASA.

Clear stand against Radical Islam and American enemies.

Stop Government waste by cutting out redundant programs in Government, bringing our military home from Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Also, bring troops home from countries where they do not need to be anymore. We would save billions of dollars a year.

Laurie Roth will become President if we all work together at the grass roots level.

Join the Roth Revolution at Chat, blog, create your own page and speak your mind about our country’s issues.

Listen in on our campaign conference call every Tuesday night at 6:00pm PAC. Call in at: 605-477-2100 Access Code: 727751#

Agree to volunteer, share in Laurie Roth’s positions and tell 10 more people. Those will tell 10 more, who will ten more and so on. If we all do this each week, via phone call, email, twitter, face book and face to face conversations, Laurie Roth’s message will be known by the whole country in 70 weeks. If everyone will go to (up by July 30, 2011) and contribute just $10.00, Laurie will be able to pay for all campaign expenses and go all the way to the White House.

Networking is everything right now. Send out Laurie Roth’s position statement and web site to your lists and everyone you know. Together we can put the right change in the White House. Laurie Roth 2012.

Exploratory Committee Coordinator – Sheryl McGrath
Cell- 509-939-5673

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