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What’s the Media’s Role in Justice? Hear it From Steph Watts on The Susan Murphy Milano Show

The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”

Thursday, July 21, 2pm-3pmET

Listen LIVE: on  HereWomenTalk

Join host, Susan Murphy Milano, as she discusses “Watts Up With That!”  Talking with multi-talented personality, Steph Watts, and his role in the case of Drew Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, about  how he was instrumental in re-opening the investigation into her death when fourth wife, Stacy, went missing.

 Watts is the talent behind many projects, featured as the crime reporter in “Bloodwork” on A&E’s Crime and Investigation channel and is currently shooting a new series on missing persons cases for A&E.

We will also discuss the role of the media in the justice system (the topic of his new book) on the heels of the Casey Anthony trial.

Tune in for this powerhouse conversation with Steph Watts!

About Steph Watts

Steph studied communications in his native Canada while working as an actor and model. He moved to NYC in 1999 to complete his studies at NYU and began writing for The Village Voice and Brill’s Content Magazine. Steph ventured into TV by producing documentaries for PBS and TRU TV (formerly Court TV), before moving to Daytime Trial Coverage where he gained extensive knowledge in the criminal justice system covering live trials gavel to gavel.Following, Steph produced news for CNN’s HLN, FOX News, ABC, CBS ESPN and NBC.

Now a TV Host and reporter, Steph covers high profile crimes and celebrity news. He has appeared on “Nancy Grace,” “On the Record w Greta Van Susteren,” CBS News, FOX News, “Inside Edition,” ABC News, including “The View,” ESPN and CNN. Steph hosts his own weekly radio show “Watts Up with This,” pens a blog by the same name and is a frequent guest on several other national radio shows.

Steph’s work as an investigative reporter was instrumental in re-classifying the death of Bolingbrook Il. police officer Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife – Kathleen Savio – from an accident to a homicide. Peterson now awaits trial for the murder of Savio and Steph is expected to testify.

Steph’s work is also profiled in “The Murder Business”, a book by Mark Fuhrman and another book just released about Joran Van Der Sloot; “Portrait of a Monster.” He has covered high profile cases such as OJ Simpson, Scott Peterson, Natalee Holloway, Anna Nicole Smith, Drew Peterson, Casey Anthony, Haleigh Cummings and former IL. Gov. Rob Blagojevich.

Steph, an outspoken anti-bullying advocate, is currently writing a book about the media’s influence on the justice system. Steph is also a contributing writer for yahoo and is featured as a reporter in a new crime series “Bloodwork” airing on A&E; and is Co-host of “America’s Angel” a new reality show out this fall.



  2. You continually amaze me with the caliber of your guests…. Can’t wait to hear it!
    And such a beautiful and happy photo of “Jane Wayne!”


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