Denny Griffin, Susan Murphy Milano
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Crime Wire Investigates! Missing Mother Jacque Waller

Tuesday, July 19, 9pm ET

Listen LIVE:   Crime Wire Investigates

Jacque Waller, a mother of 5 year old triplets,,has been missing under suspicious circumstances since June 1, 2011 from Jackson, MO.  Several unusual developments have occurred within this time to cast doubt on her estranged spouse’s explanations.  Jacque and her husband were separated, she appeared at a court hearing, then agreed to meet with him at the marital home.  Jacque vanished.

Joining us to discuss the case is Monica Caison of CUE Center for Missing Persons and family members of Jacque Waller.  Representatives from CUE conducted a massive search for Jacque Waller over the weekend of July 16-17.  At this time, nothing was turned up to give clues to her whereabouts.

For more information:  CUE Center for Missing Persons: Jacque Waller

Join Co-Hosts Denny Griffin and Susan Murphy Milano for an in-depth discussion surrounding the possibilities in this case, as well as how the public can assist in the effort to find Jacque Waller.

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