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Making Your Google+ Profile Work For YOU


Have you been wondering what is all  the buzz about Google+ ?

Will it outshine Facebook and Twitter?  Do I have to learn something new to fit in?  Are all my friends going to migrate there? With tons and tons of online platforms already in existence, why do we need another one?

We’ve found the simplicity of Google+ to be a great advantage, as well as the opportunity to categorize the many connections you make online.  Yes, you can do it with Facebook and Twitter as well, but with the drop and drag circles, it’s so much easier!

Control over content is the best around, in our opinion.  You make the decisions about whom you wish to read what you post, as well as what you wish to read, and with whom you want to interact.  By going from circle to circle, you see what those specific members are posting and commenting on, while  filtering the “noise”  and personal updates you won’t see on the same level with Facebook or Twitter.

Using Google+ Profile as Your Billboard

Your “About” page should be concise, easy to read, and express pertinent information about yourself or your business. Although, at this time, separate business pages aren’t available as they are on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use your profile to be a billboard.  Links and content are easy to add, as well as location, contact information and a map, if you choose.  Give your potential customers a quick look at your business, then direct them to your website where they can get the details.

Utilize your pictures, whether you are promoting yourself, your business logo, your website, or product, use them to your best advantage to let visitors get to know you and what you do.

Using Google+ Profile as a Link List

On the right hand side of your profile you can create a list of links.  Again, another place to showcase your website, blog and networks.  If you’re like me, you’ve joined tons of networks and sometimes forget about them.  This is an easy, convenient place to keep them handy and be able to be more active in the networks you join on a regular basis.  It also allows visitors to your profile find other possibilities to become more social!

So if you’re thinking “is it worth it to learn something new?”  Yes! We think it’s well worth it.  We feel the future of Google+ is in its simplicity and ease of use, and look forward to more and more features to be added.

If you’re still unsure about how to best utilize your presence on Google+ here are a few “how to” articles from the “gurus” of social media!

Mashable:  Google+: The Complete Guide

Shama Kabani:  10 Ways to Use Google Plus for Marketing

Chris Voss:  Google+ Ranking Social Statistics Find Out How You Measure Up

And just a little favorite about what you can IMAGINE!

Dumb Little Man: How To Live The Maximalist Life

History has revealed to us that there is one ingredient that when added to the limited resources – that being imagination – can quickly turn that which is limited into unlimited.


Because the imagination is UNLIMITED.


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