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“Pathway to Recovery Program” Offered By Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

A Path to Recovery-Start Here!


The aftermath of pathological love relationships is like none other. The devastation and the unique symptoms that people experience are not widely understood by counselors and mental health professionals.

The Institute, the leading experts in pathological love relationships offers our highly effective and uniquely specialized approach towards your recovery through our ‘Path to Recovery Program.’ Healing through The Institute begins with an assessment of your current situation including emotional, physical, spiritual, legal, parental, sexual and the most problematic symptoms you are experiencing.

From that, The Institute’s Mental Health professional will determine if our coaching and/or retreat approaches are the right mix for your current emotional needs.  If we feel that coaching can be beneficial for you, we then develop a unique recovery plan for your situation.

The Immediate Intervention Team will be the first to work with you. This can include our Safety & Exit Strategist and/or Coaches, or our team of Mental Health Professionals who will work with you with our psycho-educational approach. Our Safety Expert can help you strategize a coordinate planned exit that realistically assesses your situation and it’s relationship to future violence.

The second part of your ‘Path to Recovery Program’ includes working with our Symptom Management Team. These Mental Health Professionals will help you learn effective methods of reducing your symptoms such as intrusive thoughts and cognitive dissonance related to the pathological relationship. This can occur in phone coaching, tele-conferencing groups, 1:1’s, or retreats. Choose what works for you!

The final part of your ‘Path to Recovery Program’ includes working with our Stabilizing, Relapse Prevention and Recovery Planning Team who will help you prevent another pathological relationship, develop a goal directed recovery plan and initiate the steps and behaviors for recovery. Most importantly, they will help you begin rebuilding a healthy life. Choose what fits with your life style—phone coaching, teleconferencing groups, 1:1’s, retreats and coming soon, our web channel for in-home pathology education and recovery.

What You Need To Know

We Can’t Provide Emergency Services

We are not an emergency-based program which requires the ability for an organization to see someone face-to-face during crisis. We do not provide counseling or therapy so someone in an emergency needs to seek the services of mental health professional in their area.

While we do our best to respond to someone within 48 hours, we do so on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you are in crisis, are physically unsafe, or emotionally crashing, you should first seek services in your local community prior to approaching The Institute.

Our Safety & Exit Strategist is most effective working with you PRIOR to events of imminent violence so she can help you exit BEFORE these events occur. If you are currently in the crisis of reoccurring violence, are suicidal or have a psychological need that feels urgent , you should seek face-to-face support or crisis help in your own community. People who have those types of crisis will be referred back to their local communities for stabilization before The Institute works with them. If you are contacting us because of a current or immediate crisis, please be aware of our parameters as our program is designed for advocacy, support, symptom management and education, not psychotherapy.

We’re Not a Non-profit

The Institute is not a non-profit which means we charge for our services. We strive to keep our pathology related assistance affordable for most people. Keep in mind that our Staff is uniquely qualified to deal with pathological love relationships and our program is the only existing program of its kind. You can read their bios on the magazine site under each ‘Column’ written by our team members. The exact cost of your recovery will be determined by the kinds of assistance you need.

Start the Process

Click here to go to the Services page and learn more and register for coaching.

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