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Ward Foley aka “Scarman” Presenter at National Missing Persons Retreat

Project Jason’s 3rd Annual “Keys to Healing” Retreat Welcomes Ward Foley as a Speaker

Ward Foley, Author of Thank My Lucky Scars, will be giving his presentation, “A Different Hope”, at the 3rd annual “Keys to Healing” retreat sponsored by Project Jason, an organization which supports families who have missing loved ones.  The “Keys to Healing” retreat will, once again, take place at the Swanson Center near Omaha, NE on August 12-14, 2011. 
Registration for the Retreat is now open and  eligible family members of missing persons who wish to attend may now register.  http://projectjason.org/forums/index.php?topic=9406.0

Project Jason was founded by Kelly Jolkowski after her son, Jason, 19, vanished on June 13, 2001 from Omaha, Nebraska. Project Jason continues to accomplish many things since its inception, including awareness campaigns, changes in legislation, online counseling for families, and the “Keys to Healing” retreat for the support and well being of any family with a missing loved one.

Jolkowski says, “I have been blessed during the years since Jason’s disappearance to have had a good support system, faith for the journey, and training to gain an understanding of what is happening inside me and how to handle a variety of situations as they come along. I have learned to laugh again and experience joy, while at the same time keeping the search for my son active. I could not possibly box up what I learned and send it to you, but I can give it to you in the “Keys to Healing” retreat.”

Sessions will be conducted by professional instructors, including a licensed counselor. Classes this year will be conducted in a newly-designed interactive format. As the Keys to Healing Retreat is for healing the mind, body, and spirit, the 2011 retreat will feature a massage therapist, personal trainer, demonstrations of anti-stress techniques, and a spiritual adviser.

Ward Foley titles his presentation for the families of the missing, “A Different Hope.”  Hope is something that may be elusive for someone with a missing loved one, but on some days, hope is all they have to get through the new reality of their lives which have been turned upside down.  Ward Foley is a genuine “giver” of hope when he speaks to addicts, alcoholics, students and, especially, throughout his work with Hospice.

Ward Foley, was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare non-degenerative condition, and has persevered through numerous surgeries, disfigurement and pain, each scar telling a singular story.  He survived uncountable trials in the effort to live a “normal” life, and triumphed through it all. Now, Ward’s mission is to empower others.

Although Ward Foley doesn’t know the experience of having a missing loved one first hand, he has had to reach out many times in his life to find hope in, what may seem to others, hopeless situations. Ward’s permeating authenticity empowers people to believe in themselves and engage in a fuller, more meaningful life regardless of the challenges before them. Throughout Foley’s book, Thank My Lucky Scars, readers always find the thread of hope woven into the circumstances in which he found himself.

For more information about Project Jason and the “Keys to Healing” retreat, or to register, please visit the Project Jason website:  http://projectjason.org/forums/index.php?topic=9406.0  or email:  information@projectjason.org

For information about Ward Foley and to obtain a copy of his book Thank My Lucky Scars, visit his website:  http://wardfoley.com  If you would like to schedule Ward Foley for your next event, please contact ImaginePublicity, PO Box 14946,  Surfside Beach, SC  29587  Phone:  843.808.0859  Email: contact@imaginepublicity.com or ward@wardfoley.com

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