Burl Barer
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“Vegas Rag Doll,” Wendy Mazaros Returns to True Crime Uncensored

July 2nd — Return of VEGAS RAG DOLL Wendy Mazaros!

2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm UK time Listen Live


Las Vegas, Binions, the Mob, Murder and Mayhem, Corruption and Greed, all words that can be added to the description of Wendy Mazaros, but…..there’s so much more!

A rare Nevada native, Wendy Mazaros spent her early years “playing out in the desert with my brothers, chasing lizards, catching snakes, and digging caves”. At fifteen, she fell into the arms of Ted Binion, heir-apparent of the Binion’s Horseshoe Club family. Binion passed her off to Tom Hanley; a man she would marry, and later learn was a hitman for the mob. Today, Wendy makes her home in the Las Vegas suburbs, and enjoys a wide circle of family and friends.

In addition to tracing Wendy Hanley’s harrowing life story, Vegas Rag Doll paints a vivid portrait of the final years of organized crime in Las Vegas, before the corporations took control. In a fascinating era when legitimate facades disguised dark secrets, Wendy Hanley had a front-row seat — and a knack for survival.

Join Wendy Mazaros as she returns to True Crime Uncensored for another visit with hosts Burl Barer and Howard Lapides!  Learn more about the horrors of her past life and why she lives with threats even now!

To learn more about Wendy Mazaros and purchase Vegas Rag Doll, visit her website:  http://vegasragdoll.com/


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