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The Roth Show Welcomes Anthony Bruno, Crime Writer

The Roth Show

 Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano 

Wednesday, June 29, 7-8pm ET

Listen LIVE:

Author, Anthony Bruno

Bad Guys was the first in a series of novels (Bad Blood, Bad Luck, Bad Business, Bad Moon, and Bad Apple) about FBI agents Mike Tozzi and Cuthbert Gibbons, odd-couple partners whose prime targets are New York and New Jersey wiseguys. Basing his stories on actual Mafia figures and their criminal activities, Bruno pioneered the territory that has made The Sopranos the monster hit that it is.

After the series of fiction “Bad” books, Bruno turns his talents to thetrue crime tale of The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer.  The Iceman is an in-depth profile of convicted murderer Richard Kuklinski, who claims to have killed over 100 people. Kuklinski was dubbed “the Iceman” when one of his victims was found in the woods, his heart frozen solid. Kuklinski had stored the man’s body in an ice-cream truck for two years before dumping it in order to disguise the time of death. In researching this book, Bruno corresponded with Kuklinski extensivelyand interviewed him in prison-locked in a room alone with the killer, no glass partition separating them, no guards in sight.

“A film version of The Iceman will begin shooting in 2011, starring James Franco, Benicio Del Toro, and Michael Shannon in the title role.”


Join Dr. Laurie Roth (“The Annie Oakley of the Airways”) and Susan Murphy Milano (“The Jane Wayne of Justice”) every Wednesday from 7-8pm ET for an event filled hour with exciting guests to discuss crime stories, missing persons and true crime authors.

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