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Diane Fanning’s TWISTED REASON Launches July 1, 2011

Known as one of the “elite” authors in the true crime genre, and recently for MOMMY’S LITTLE GIRL, recounting the true story of the life and death of 2 year old, Caylee Anthony, Diane Fanning’s fourth book in her crime mystery series, TWISTED REASON, is scheduled to be released in trade paperback July 1, 2011. The Lucinda Pierce Mystery series debuted in 2008 with the release of THE TROPHY EXCHANGE and features Virginia Homicide Detective Lucinda Pierce as she follows the evidence and investigates murders.

TWISTED REASON  follows Lucinda Pierce as she works the case of a missing elderly man with Alzheimers who shows up dead on his son’s front porch, leading her to a man who did all the wrong things for all the right reasons and to a strange little Wonderland built with little money and lots of imagination. This then resurrects the trauma of the death of her own parents causing Lucinda to question her motivation for continuing to search for answers when there are no definitive indications of homicide.

Fanning’s development of the character shows readers that Lucinda Pierce may have a tough exterior, despite losing an eye and becoming disfigured while answering a domestic violence call, she’s a woman with a huge heart and a calling to continue her quest to work for the victims and assist the survivors in solving murders.  Being a victim herself gives Lucinda special abilities to tap into the range of emotions families and survivors go through while waiting for justice to be served.

According to Library Journal: “True crime author Fanning brings a rare brand of realism to her work… Readers who like to have their emotions engaged while trying to solve the mystery will enjoy Pierce’s latest adventure.”

TWISTED REASON takes readers into yet another skillfully written mystery along with an emotional ride that inevitably leaves the reader anticipating the next engaging adventure.  Fanning’s use of personal experiences and her style of authenticity brings readers totally into the story woven with tangible threads of substance no other can match.

Watch for the TWISTED REASON paperback to be sold in all online and local book stores.

Lately, Fanning has been writing a daily wrap up on her blog, Writing is a Crime, on the trial of Casey Anthony, the Florida mother charged with the murder of her daughter, Caylee.

For more information about Diane Fanning, her full list of true crime and mystery series of books, please visit her website www.dianefanning.com

Watch for news about Diane Fanning’s participation in an episode of A&E Biography in early  2012.

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