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Reasons To Be Beautiful Magazine Adds Susie Kroll to “Ask the Experts”

Watch for the launch on June 10 of a brand new site for the home of Reasons to be Beautiful, A Magazine for Genuine Women.  Fervently working behind the scenes, the staff is presenting a new interactive website for all things beautiful geared towards young women.

One of the regular columns is “Ask the Experts,” which will feature Teen Dating Violence Expert, Susie Kroll, available to answer questions and give advice on maintaining healthy and safe relationships.

Kroll will first be interviewed by the staff in the featured issue, then will continue as a regular with the magazine. She has vast knowledge, keeps her finger on the pulse of young women, and often holds presentations for schools, universities, sororities, women’s groups and conferences.  She regularly volunteers with a local domestic violence agency and counsels young women that violence is not just an “adult” issue, but often starts in earlier, teenage relationships.

Susie Kroll says, “Relationships don’t come with a GPS. Learning the signs of teen dating violence will help you take the right relationship road so you can arrive at your healthy relationship destination.”

Susie Kroll writes regularly on her blog, Teach Our Teens and Save Their Lives, about various topics facing young women as they make their way into the world of dating and relationships.

Reasons to be Beautiful is an online magazine and blog dedicated to helping others realize their full potential.  It will be chock full of features for all young women, including fashion, pop news, diets, and products!  Watch for the “Grand Opening” on June 10!

If you would like to schedule Susie Kroll for your next event or conference, contact ImaginePublicity at 843.808.0859 or email:

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