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Message to Dylan ……WANTED!

message from: Susan Murphy Milano………

Since I do not have access to Bob Dylan’s cell phone or email address I thought it best to attempt this method of communication in hopes that he contacts me.

Bob Dylan is an American singer, songwriter, artistauthor and poet. His paintings are exhibited in major art galleries. And he just celebrated his 70th birthday.
I was introduced to his music as a kid by way of nylon needle stereo in the living room that sat on top of the most putrid orange shag rug ever to be sold in homes. It was so bright you needed a pair of foster grants just to spare your eyes if you stayed in the room longer then five minutes. Saturday afternoons I would go to the record store and pick up his album and Janice Joplin’s. I played both albums until they were so worn the needle skipped over most of the song.
I am asking if he would be a guest on my radio show “Time’s Up.” For two reasons, he ain’t getting any younger and I have a bet with Author Dennis McDougal whom is in the process of writing a book on him that Bob Dylan will respond to me and be a guest on the show. McDougal says it will never happen, I believe it will. Beside’s I am taller and look better in a pair of hose and heels. If McDougal loses, he flies me into Las Angeles for the weekend where he must walk Sunset Boulevard for an entire hour both Saturday and Sunday in 3.5 inch shoes, shorts and pantyhose with a handmade sign that says “never bet against a strong Irish woman, you will lose.”
For the record I will conduct this interview as I do with all my guests. After all, Bob Dylan is a regular guy, with amazing talent, and he puts his pants on the same as all of us, one leg a time.
So if anyone reading this has his contact information or would kindly pass the message to Bob that I want to book him on the show, that would be great.
I can be reached directly at or through ImaginePublicity and ask for Delilah, the number is 843-808-0859.

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