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True Crime Author, Gregg Olsen Talks to Susan Murphy Milano on “Time’s Up!”

The Susan Murphy Milano Show “Time’s Up”

Thursdays, 2-4pm ET

on Here Women Talk Network

Thursday, June 2


Gregg Olsen

Throughout his career, Gregg Olsen has demonstrated an ability to create a detailed narrative that offers readers fascinating insights into the lives of people caught in extraordinary circumstances.

The award-winning author has been a guest on dozens of national and local television shows, including educational programs for the History Channel, Learning Channel, and Discovery Channel. He has also appeared on Dateline NBC, William Shatner’s Aftermath, Deadly Women on Investigation Discovery, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Today Show, FOX News; CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, CBS 48 Hours, Oxygen’s Snapped, Court TV’s Crier Live, Inside Edition, Extra, Access Hollywood, and A&E’s Biography.

In addition to television and radio appearances, he has been featured inRedbookUSA TodayPeopleSalon magazine, Seattle TimesLos Angeles Timesand the New York Post.

For more information and a complete list of Gregg’s books:

A Twisted Fate

In the early morning hours of December 26, 1997, a Bremerton, Wash., house went up in flames. In it was the shy, beloved minister’s wife Dawn Hacheney. When the fire was extinguished, investigators found only her charred remains. Her husband Nick was visibly devastated by the loss. What investigators failed to note was that Dawn’s lungs didn’t contain smoke; she was dead before the fire began. So begins this true crime story that’s unlike any other…


Update on unsolved case of Sheena Morris

On January 1, 2009, Sheena Morris was found dead in a hotel, hanging from the shower. Her then boyfriend was not arrested at the time, and would not be questioned by Bradeton, Florida officers for some 22 days later.
Sheena Morris placed a call to 911 hours before her death reporting domestic violence by her dangerous boyfriend. She even took pictures of her injuries, a cut on her neck, on her ring finger.

The people in the next room of the hotel also called 911 before her murder to report the disturbance and sound of violence coming from the room next door.

Shortly before her death, the keys to her apartment were taken and she was physically attacked. The keys are an important part of this case because Sheena Morris had criminal information that would implicate the last person to see her alive. It doesn’t help that the dangerous and criminal boyfriend also has direct ties to the Genovese family and he can be placed at her apartment carrying out boxes with the stolen keys taken from Sheena just before he staged her death to make it look like a suicide. In March, her death certificate was changed from suicide to undetermined.


CrimePAY$ With Max Cannon

Each week Max Cannon, Founder of CrimePAY$ joins us to present cases of fugitives, missing persons and unsolved crimes with rewards attached.  Rewards are a great motivator for getting clues and the possibility of resolutions.

Tune in to hear about large sums of rewards!  Perhaps you can help solve a crime!



Mark Bauman:  Improper Photography or Visual Recording, Probation Violation, Fail to Register as Sex Offender, Flight to Avoid Prosecution, Possession of Child Pornography


Adji Desir

Missing: January 10, 2009
From: Immokalee, Florida
Date of Birth: October 15, 2002 Place of Birth: Naples, Florida Sex: Male Hair: Black Height: 3’0″ Eyes: Brown Weight: 45 pounds Race: Black (Haitian descent)

Case 3 – $100,000 UNSOLVED CRIME West Mesa Serial Killer

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  1. Gregg Olsen is a brilliant and talented author who continually impresses me with the richness of his prose and the depth of his research.

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