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“Yes, I’m All That! Re-Membering the Divine Within” FREE Webinar with Pamela Chapman

Free Life-Changing Webinar: Tuesday, May 31, 9PM ET


Yes, I’m All That! Re-Membering the Divine Within is not a webinar where I will be selling services, products or tools to help you enhance or empower your life. No, it is not an informational piece that will suggest you need me or my services to bring you forward. And while I believe in and support such, this webinar is not that.

What then is Yes, I’m All That! Re-Membering the Divine Within?,
It is a message that has been birthed forth from a life-time of transition and transformation. It is a word that has been tried by fire, pruned sharply, and crushed by my own wrestling. The result: a delivering piece that is golden, bears fruit, and oozes of pure virgin olive oil. It is a personal story allowing all that is the Divine within to come out.

Yes, I’m All That! Re-Membering the Divine Within is a motivational and inspirational message that comes forth in love and power—rightly dividing, bringing deliverance of mind, body and soul. It is a message that is brought forth in great humility and compassion, yet with boldness. It is a message that is so powerful and so costly that I have often asked God to take the calling and purpose from my life. It comes from one who has pleaded to be left alone and who now says, “yes;” from one who has humbly seen lives changed by spiritual awakening and the breaking of bondages almost immediately, while not fully or completely understanding myself. It is a message for this time.

So, if you or someone you know are a victim of injustice, abuse, sexual assault, or incest; a victim of poverty, financial struggles and pain; a victim of low self-esteem, low self-worth and lack of confidence; fear, anxiety, stress or dis-ease; whether you or someone you know is a victim of oppression, depression, or obsession or a victim of victimization—COME! Re-Member (to bring to mind to rethink again; rejoin limbs to the main branch) the Divine Within you.

In order to join me and others for this life-changing moment—and I declare at this moment you will be changed–Click here to register. There is really only limited seating. If you need further topic details Click here and scroll down to the block with the event.

Pamela Chapman is a self-esteem, abundant-life coach whose gift is helping women manifest their dreams while building their self-esteem. For more information about her programs visit her sites:

http://iascendprograms.com    http://pamelachapman.biz

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