Burl Barer, Dennis McDougal
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Dennis McDougal Goes Round Two with Burl Barer on True Crime Uncensored!

Lis Wiehl and Dennis McDougal Saturday! 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern/10pm UK

Listen live on Outlaw Radio by clicking this link! 2pm Pacific, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, 10pm UK time.

Dennis McDougal, famed journalist, true crime author, and author of his first novel, The Candlestickmaker, returns to True Crime Uncensored.  As he is researching his next book, the biography of Bob Dylan, he will be live from “Dylan Days” in Bob’s hometown where they are celebrating the star’s 70th birthday!

More will be revealed about The Candlestickmaker and what the Government was REALLY doing during the VietNam War!   Be sure to tune in for the lively discussion!

The Candlestickmaker takes readers on a voyage that will guarantee they never read the Mother Goose nursery rhyme in the same way again. “

McDougal’s first appearance two weeks ago just wasn’t enough for the patrons of the Lighten Up Lounge!

If you missed it, listen HERE

To learn all about Dennis McDougal, his books, and to order your copy of The Candlestickmaker, visit his website!  www.dennismcdougal.com

The “Fox From FOX,” Lis Wiehl will be on the first half of the show to discuss her latest book, Heart of Ice.

Lis Wiehl is one of the nation’s most prominent trial lawyers and highly regarded commentators.  Currently, she is the legal analyst and reporter on the Fox News Channel and Bill O’Reilly’s sparring partner in the weekly “Is It Legal?” segment on The O’Reilly Factor.

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