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Lyn Twyman Deputy Director of National Domestic Violence Registry

Lyn Twyman has been appointed Deputy Director of the National Domestic Violence Registry founded in 2007 by survivor and advocate, Myra Spearman.  

The National Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR), the United States’ first model program for a public domestic violence database, seeks to prevent domestic violence and to be a tool to help the public at large.

Patterned after The National Sex Offender Registry, NDVR has a coalition of task forces working to strengthen the public availability of domestic violence conviction records and long term restraining orders.  The organization has taken several years to analyze and receive feedback from survivors and advocates to create a program that addresses the growing need for the use of technology to help survivors.

Domestic violence has grown in increasing numbers and women are still the primary victims.  But, Myra Spearman, founder and executive director of NDVR, also understands that newer approaches to family violence have to be created, “Men and women are perpetrators of this social epidemic.  The intention of the registry is to help keep the public more safe by placing only offenders, not victims, who have an established history of violence into the registry.  The National Domestic Violence Registry is a model that is working to empower the general public and deter further violence from occurring.”

NDVR continues to add records to the database as they become available from partner counties in the U.S.  NDVR is also developing other programs such as educating the public about the benefits of GPS, safety planning for survivors and self sufficiency.

About the National Domestic Violence Registry 

Founded in 2007, The National Domestic Violence Registry, Inc. (NDVR) is the first national database model for domestic violence convictions available to the public. The National Domestic Violence Registry provides the conviction records of offenders, both men and women, who have been found guilty of domestic violence and domestic violence related offenses such as physical battering, stalking, criminal confinement, intimidation, and strangulation, etc. Their mission is to be an on-line, national resource that will aid in the awareness and prevention of domestic and family violence by posting the convictions of domestic abuse perpetrators and those offenders who have long term criminal orders of protections placed against them.

To learn more about NDVR, please visit their website: http://www.domesticviolencedatabase.org.

The National Domestic Violence Registry (NDVR) , http://www.domesticviolencedatabase.org, is the first national database model for domestic violence convictions available to the public.

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