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CrimePAY$ Funds $2500 Reward for Unsolved Murder

Max Cannon, Founder of CrimePAY$ and SafeCITY Publishing sets aside $10,000 per year to fund 4 separate rewards of $2500 each to deserving cases.  They have chosen the case of Nikki LaDue January as one of the cases to feature with the reward.

Nichole (Nikki) LaDue January was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on the balcony of her third floor condo in Pass Christian, Mississippi, shortly before 10 a.m. on July 29, 2002.  Her death was ruled a suicide, but her family does not believe this was the case and have enlisted the help of professionals, including CrimePAY$ and the Crime Wire Team, to find answers to the many questions surrounding the case.  For detailed information about this case refer to the website, Who Killed Nikki LaDue January?

The $2500 reward is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the death of Nikki LaDue January, to be paid before December 31, 2011.  The reward and case information will also be featured in the Local MugSHOTS publication in the metro Jackson, MS edition which reaches Hinds, Rankin and Madison Counties.

Max Cannon appears on the CrimePAY$ segment of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, Time’s Up each Thursday at 3:30-4pm ET to highlight cases of wanted fugitives, unsolved, missing persons and sex crimes.  Each week the rewards in the cases are featured as an added motivator to assist families and law enforcement agencies in gathering new information that can help bring resolution to open cases.

Max Cannon has been featuring rewards since 2001 when he started a small publication in Tennessee.  He has since created a new media form for bringing attention to rewards and unsolved cases through websites, blogs, videos and print publications.

To become aware of news of the criminal activity in your local area, you can purchase a copy of Local MugSHOTS in most convenience stores where they are distributed.  You can also become a distributor of the nation’s leading crime fighting publication and develop an income stream while assisting in fighting crime!  Toll free 866-690-MUGS (6847) or email:

Connect with CrimePAY$ on Facebook and Twitter and follow all the latest updates and rewards!

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  1. lamdi hasan says

    Nikki LaDue January.
    i see a wrong marriage ,is not equal marriage,i see this man is from Scandinavian origin ,Scandinavian areas ,White man,blonde eyebrow color to white,high. red skin ,short hair, blod
    little belly 90kg.54 yeas old.
    had relation with her about 7 years,I see Nikki nervous,she is feeling Something ,This man tried to kill her tow times.the first time ,when the air conditioning broken by him , he arranged to introduce poison gas in air conditioning I see Nikki at the window breathing hard and vomiting,was at the hospital and confirmed that she had blood that entered the home that the air conditioner does not work they have put poisonous gas ,in agreement with him.I see them near the ocean, i saw a smaller boat with motor and with Sail,I see a flag blue red white.I see her next door window i see blood over her eyes and all face.I did not seen the person who killed her but was sure his hand behind the crime. she was killed from outside the house.was a professional crime.

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