Burl Barer, Dennis McDougal
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Dennis McDougal Joins Burl Barer on True Crimes Uncensored!



Saturday, May 14

2pm PT, 5pm ET

Well known as an award winning journalist, as well as author of several true crime books, Dennis McDougal will be joining the gang from The Lighten Up Lounge on True Crimes Uncensored!  McDougal’s accomplishments in the field of journalism are legendary, often exposing the underbelly and corruption in Hollywood during his tenure with the LA Times.  In 1993 he turned to writing books full time and has given readers an in depth look into some of the most horrendous crimes, as well as the lives of many renowned celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Robert Blake and Lew Wasserman.

McDougal took readers behind the scenes of pop star Michael Jackson’s troubled career, beginning with his “Victory” tour in the early 1980s; exposed the waste and mismanagement of Band Aid, USA for Africa, Farm Aid, and other “pop charities” of the 1980s; and followed celebrity courtroom dramas, such as the so-called “Cotton Club” murder trial, which featured former Paramount Pictures chief Robert Evans in a major supporting role.

McDougal’s first novel, The Candlestickmaker, is a story which takes place during the VietNam War few have heard or read about, not your regular battlefield, blood and guts story, but the story of those who were drafted to serve in a war which made no sense to them, or to most Americans.  McDougal unleashes the truth often only alluded to and jogs the collective memory of those who were there and those who were doing all they could to inform the public of the silent atrocities not played out on the evening news.

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Burl Barer 2pm Pacific Time w/ TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED

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