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Update on the case of
Sgt. Patrick Rust

Sgt. Patrick Rust was assigned to the 10thMountain Division headquartered at Fort Drum in Watertown, New York. In January 2007, he returned from deployment to Afghanistan. Following a 30 day leave he was back on post. The then 24-year-old Rust was a local boy and was familiar with Watertown and the surrounding area. He didn’t have a driver’s license or vehicle.
On Wednesday, March 14, 2007, Sgt. Rust moved most of his personal effects from the barracks on base to share an apartment with a fellow soldier at 156 Sterling Street, Apartment 4, in Watertown.
The following day Patrick rode back to the apartment with his new roommate after they were released from duty at around 5 pm. At around 6:30 they left the apartment in the roommate’s car  and drove to the Salmon Run Mall. While there Patrick purchased some games for his Gameboy PSP player in the Best Buy store. They then went to the food court and got something to eat at Wendy’s. At around 7:50 the pair left the mall and split up a short time later, with the roommate stopping at a tanning salon and Patrick walking back to their apartment.
The next reported sighting of Patrick was between 9 and 10 p.m. at a well-known gay and lesbian bar on Arsenal Street called Clueless. It was an establishment Patrick had never been at before and it is unknown why he went there that night. Patrick reportedly left the bar at around 1 a.m. on March 16 and disappeared. His skeletal remains were found six months later in a farmer’s field about five miles outside of Watertown. How he got to that location is unknown and his manner of death is undetermined.
Joining us to discuss the latest developments in Patrick’s case is forensic investigator and Crime Wire Consultant Bill Sullivan.
Diane Fanning
Author, “Mommy’s Little Girl”

Diane Fanning will update us on the latest news in the Casey Anthony trial.  Her book, Mommy’s Little Girl, is the #1 Best Seller and contains much background information while seeking justice for 2 year old, Caylee Anthony.Several of Fanning’s books deal with the issue of intimate partner homicide and violence, including the Edgar award nominated, “Written in Blood,” about the death of Kathleen Peterson and the subsequent conviction of her husband, Michael Peterson. Another book, “Gone Forever,” written about the death of a mother of three, leaving her marriage and winding up a murder victim, was praised highly by many who work with domestic violence victims and the aftermath of trauma in the home, recommending the book to victims of violence with whom they come in contact with.

While completing the story of serial killer, Tommy Lynn Sells, Diane Fanning saw the case of Julie Rea Harper on 20/20, a woman convicted of murdering her own son.  Fanning’s correspondence with Sells revealed that he, indeed, was the killer and Julie Rea Harper’s conviction was overturned by appeal.  For her involvement in this case, Diane Fanning was recently honored with an award by the Innocence Project. (
Diane Fanning is not only one of the queens of True Crime, she also pens a series of novels incorporating the character of Lt. Lucinda Pierce, a tough as nails detective who was once a disfigured victim of domestic violence, and now on a mission to solve crimes and put away criminals.

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