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Diane Fanning and the Casey Anthony Trial

As the largest media event since the OJ Simpson trial begins in Orlando, FL, we must remember that justice for little two year old, Caylee Anthony is at stake.  Diane Fanning, author of “Mommy’s Little Girl”  the #1 Best Seller about the short life of Caylee and the information surrounding the search for her, has been invited by several media outlets to offer her opinions based on her research for the book.

Fanning appeared on InSession on TruTV on Friday, May 6, and on CrimePAY$, Sunday, May 8, to discuss the dynamics of the trial of Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother who was charged with her murder, and the upcoming trial set to begin this week.

Diane will be appearing on The Levi Page Show on Monday, May 9 at 9pm ET, to examine all of the breaking news surrounding the jury selection and the updates to the beginning of the trial.

On Tuesday, May 10, Fanning will be appearing on the popular radio show, Crime Wire Investigates, along with Vito Colucci, Jr., Susan Murphy Milano, Dennis Griffin and Thomas Shamshak, the Crime Wire Investigative Bureau.

Diane Fanning’s commentary goes beyond the media hype of the characters involved in this tragedy and straight to the heart of those who care about the life of a little girl which may possibly have been killed by her mother.

To keep up with Diane Fanning and connect with her online:

Website: www.dianefanning.com

Blogs:  http://dianefanning.blogspot.com


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/diane.fanning

Twitter:  @DianeFanning

Diane Fanning is one of America’s elite True Crime Authors, as well as the author of a fictional series starring Lt. Lucinda Pierce with fascinating tales of her expert detective skills in solving cases.

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