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Tuning in to Solve Crime: CrimePAY$ Radio

Tuning in to Solve Crime:
CrimePAY$ Radio

“Rewards are proven to be a great motivator in solving crime.”

 $90,000 in Total Rewards

Sunday May 1, 8pm ET

Case 1 – $20,000 WANTED FUGITIVE REWARD – Dr. Emilio Luna, who is under indictment for five counts of distribution of child pornography, fled house confinement on September 12, 2010. Luna, a pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona, was identified as allegedly sharing child pornography on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.
Case 2 – $60,000 MISSING PERSON REWARD – Billy Smolinski quarrelled with his much-older girlfriend on their Florida vacation about calls she was getting on her cell phone. It turns out they were from the woman’s other lover — a married guy she had no intention of dumping.

Case 3 – $10,000 UNSOLVED MURDER REWARD – Michael Surber was a professional billiards player who played all over the country. He worked for a casino and spent all his free time practicing. Friends say if you couldn’t find Mike, he was in his basement playing the game he loved.
That’s why when Michael didn’t show up for a match at his local billiards club, friends knew something was wrong.