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Ward Foley, Movie Star! Well, “You Just Have to Laugh!”

The Northwest Burn Foundation in Seattle, WA is presenting a special screening of the documentary, “You Just Have to Laugh” on Saturday, May 14.

As the old adage says, “laughter is the best medicine.” Those who recognize and embrace it seem to somehow overcome the speed bumps tossed in their way, and miraculously find themselves in a position to help others.  Ward Foley, known affectionately as “Scarman,”  is such a person.  Speaking nationally to various types of audiences, Ward Foley is one of the “stars” of the documentary by Comedian David Naster.

Foley, born with Arthrogryposis, a rare non-degenerative condition,  has  persisted through numerous surgeries, disfigurement and pain.  Through his book, “Thank My Lucky Scars,” readers learn about a man who has been able to overcome adversities on a daily basis, and reach out to others with hands that are crippled and in pain, but filled with love and inspiration. (To purchase your copy of “Scarman” please visit the website:

When life hands you pain or adversity, it doesn’t mean that it’s over!  Whether you were born with a crippling disease that is unpronounceable, suffered a terrible accident, or bear the scars of debilitating surgeries, there is still a spark to be ignited!  There is still life to be lived, there is always hope, and sometimes, there is laughter.

Naster has assembled a cast of characters of real people who have faced unsurmountable difficulties, and found humor to be one of the ways to rise above them.

You’re not going to want to miss this special film by David Naster on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at the Museum of Flight. NW Burn Foundation would like to invite you to join David Naster, a filmmaker, writer and nationally renowned funnyman with over 34 years experience. It’s about real people who have faced illness, injury, grief, accidents and the emergency responders who have come to their rescue. It’s how humor can help people during difficult times.

DOCUMENTARY FILM – You Just Have To Laugh

After two award winning books on how humor has helped people during difficult times, David Naster wants you meet the people he has interviewed. From illness to injury, and through the sacred ground of grief, you will look into the eyes of people who have laughed through life’s toughest times.This hysterical and heartwarming film is centered on David Naster’s, You Just Have To Laugh live presentation. The greatest thing about this film – it makes you laugh, as people prove it’s okay to laugh at the stuff you thought you ‘could never’ or ‘should ever’ laugh at.If you have ever cared for an ailing family member, gone through emotional and physical pain or had to deal with illness and death, watching this film will help. Watching it over and over again will really help.If you have never experienced the above – you will. Or you’re dead…..David Naster