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Calming the Mind Retreat Offered By The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

BRAND NEW: Calming the Mind: Repairing Cognitive Dissonance & Intrusive Thoughts Retreat – June 1-8

Calming the Mind Retreat
Retreat Description

This week-long prototype retreat is the creation of The Institute — the leading innovator in Pathological Love Relationships recovery. The retreat is a multi-technique approach for reducing the symptoms of cognitive dissonance and intrusive thoughts and is truly a mind management approach to our ‘Model of Care Approach’ (TM).

The Institute has spent several years acquiring approach to calm the mind related to aftermath symptoms. This is the first program of it’s kind to systematically approach the symptoms most debilitating to survivors of Pathological Love Join us June 1-8 as we open our doors and roll out the new retreat ‘Calming the Mind.’ (TBA: Joining us will be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker sharing her approaches as well.)

Components of the Retreat

We have hand selected every approach, technique, CD, DVD and books to develop the most comprehensive and diverse approach for mind management of C.D. and I.T. Utilizing the best known tools from the east (Mindfulness, Yoga, Imagery) and the most prevailing recognized techniques from the west  we have road mapped a journey into mind management. We have created a unique and wide menu from which to select tools.

Emotion Management includes dealing with anxiousness, adrenaline control, managing emotional desire and craving, turning down feeling tones, and more. Cognitive Management includes creating new neuro pathways through Rick Hanson, Richard Mendius, Dr. Caroline Leaf and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work on neural pathway reformation, body recognition of red flags, lifestyle changes for recovery, self care, improving neurochemistry naturally, and more.

Mindfulness Techniques encompass Eiriu Eolas Breathing Program, mindfulness, grounding techniques, progressive relaxation, yoga, neutrality for non stimulation of memories, compassionate disengagement, and more. This wide array of approaches gives each survivor a variety of options for managing symptoms.Daily Retreat ScheduleEach day is a combination of all three categories of techniques and will incorporate psycho-education each morning, late morning mindfulness/yoga practices, late afternoon emotion/cognitive mind management and evenings will include some form of progressive relaxation/or creating new neuro pathways group. Time each afternoon will be open for clients to hike, shop, rest, etc. Some days hiking and mindfulness will be incorporated together.LIMITED to only 5 per group. Contact us for retreat guidelines to see if you meet criteria in your recovery to be considered for this powerful approach.

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