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Donna Gore’s Motivation for Crime Victim Services

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When bad things happen to good people, we wonder, “how do they carry on?”  One way many crime victims and survivors “survive” is by helping others.  There are many support groups, gatherings and conferences all around the country where those “in the club” can meet others within their comfort zone to talk, listen, and lend support to those who share a common thread in their lives.

Donna R. Gore, affectionately known as “Lady Justice,” is one such person.  Donna is well known for her research skills, empathy towards victims, and willingness to reach deeper to assist victims on the very level at which they need it.

This year the theme for National Crime Victim’s Rights Week is “Reshaping the Future, Honoring the Past,” and Donna Gore’s experience as written below shows how she has been doing just that all along!

At this writing, Donna is currently seeking a position that would allow her to use her talents and experiences to continue to make a difference in the lives and laws which affect victims of crime.

In 1981, when I was in my mid 20’s, my Dad was murdered.

The following day, when we opened the newspaper we learned he had died a violent death. It took six years to come to trial: the lengthy re-victimization. The career criminal who murdered my father remains incarcerated.

I have transformed a very negative and traumatic experience into a positive approach to life. I believe that there is life after homicide. As time passes, I have let go of the anger. However, every time another victim is murdered, the heartache returns. My passion, compassion and drive to assist others only increases with each and every crime victim encountered.

Voluntary Pursuits in Crime Victim Advocacy

Board Member and Officer of Survivors of Homicide, Inc.

Successfully completed “Complaint Officer Position” Exam, April 2008 (Score 93-Passing 70); State of Connecticut, Executive Branch, Office of the Victim Advocate, Outcome: Governor froze all positions prior to hiring.

Consultant on victimization for report “Services to Families of Homicide Survivors” Connecticut Commission on Victim Services.

Guest Speaker at Conferences such as National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA).

Support Group Facilitator for Survivors of Homicide, Inc.

Court Escort who attended murder trials with new homicide victim families to provide emotional support and education enabling the family to better withstand the grueling process.

Completion of First Course on Advanced Victimology taught by Crime Victim Expert, Mario Gabourey, J.D., Ph.D. who is a professor at the University of New Haven.

Coordinated major fund raising events including golf tournaments for Survivors of Homicide, Inc.

Made numerous TV, radio appearances and was featured in newspaper articles to increase public awareness of crime victim issues.

Training Participant, sponsored by Parents of Murdered Children organization (POMC) Greater Boston, MA; Training sessions led by Nancy K. Ruhe, Executive Director, National Offices of POMC.

Participated in the sponsoring of rallies and other events at the Connecticut State Capitol and additional venues for “National Crime Victim’s Right’s Week”.

Writer/Editor for monthly Survivors of Homicide, Inc, newsletter to 350+ subscribing members.

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