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Anne Peterson is an extraordinarily gifted speaker who captivates our mindswith her life experiences and touches our hearts with her remarkable poetry. Byusing personal events, she leads her audience through an exploration of life’stragic and comic moments. The journey is sometimes intense, sometimes gentle,but always heartfelt. It’s an emotional experience few people can create.”-Esther DiMarzio, Kishwaukee College Instructor.“

Anne Peterson is an engaging speaker who has the ability to make you laughor cry. Just when you are entertained by her amusing stories, she shares a profoundtruth that challenges and encourages. Because she has faced a lot of life’sdifficulties, almost anyone will be able to identify and be uplifted by the way shefaced tragedy. She is able to appeal to all ages and walks of life. Few inspirationalspeakers are so practical. You’ll love her!”-JoHannah Reardon, Editor of Christian Bible Studies, Christianity Today International

Anne is a published author of 42 Bible Studies with sold onlinethrough Christianity Today International, as well as numerous articles with Christianity Today.Her poetry is sold as framed pieces in gift stores throughout the United States and in 23 countries.For a list of topics and her speaking fees call

Anne Peterson is a Christian poet/speaker who has learned firsthand about God’s goodness. Having lost her mother, her father and having dealt with her sister’s disappearance, Anne has experienced pain at a young age, but God used each and every circumstance to draw her into a closer relationship with Him. While we can’t change many of our circumstances, what we do have control over is our responses to them.

Bible Studies

Anne Peterson has written and published over 42 Bible Studies which are available for purchase online Some of the topics are grief, marriage, and parenting. For a complete list of her Bible Studies email Anne at

In addition, Anne has written devotions for Kyria online magazine. Recently, Anne has also written articles for


Anne has loved writing from as long as she can remember. When Anne was in 5th grade, she won a writing competition where she was able torecite her winning entry on WBEZ radio. In 1994, Anne collaborated with her husband Mike, producing poetry pieces with her poems and his artwork. In that same year Anne’s poetry was sold through Creative Calligraphy in gift stores throughout the United States as well as in five countries. She wrote for the Dexsa Company from 1995 till the present, having her poetry on plaques in gift stores throughout the US.
Then in 1996 the James Lawrence Company began selling her poetry as beautiful framed pieces in gift stores in the United States as well as 23 countries.


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