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A Look at the African American Family: Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Christelyn Karazin, Founder of No Wedding No Womb!

On September 22, 2010 an online campaign, that included approximately 100 bloggers from all walks of life, was officially launched by Christelyn Karazin to address the issue that spurred waves of heated discussion. This conversation reached local and main stream media outlets including the Los Angeles Sentinel, Power 98, NPR, Essence, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, and MSNBC in 90 days. The Twitter hashtag #NWNW was tweeted over 100,000 times because of it. What was the conversation about? It was about the out-of-wedlock birth rate that is at an approximate 73% high in the African American community.

Why is this issue so important, especially to Christelyn and the thousands that have joined the movement? In Christelyn’s case, her first child was born out-of-wedlock so she understands the struggles that single parents face who have children unplanned and when the other parent isn’t active in the child’s life.

Tune in Tuesday, April 12th at 9 PM Eastern, 6pm Pacific to www.party934.com94.9 FM HudsonValley, NY to hear Christelyn Karazin, journalist, interracial dating expert, and founder of No Wedding No Womb! as we discuss the future of African American families and solutions to a growing population of young people raising children outside of marriage.

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We will play the NO WEDDING NO WOMB! anthem and various music throughout the hour.

Yes, No Wedding No Womb! has an anthem and we’ll playing that at the half hour of the program. The lyrics were written by Lorriane Spencer, a talented independent song writer known for penning an autism anthem titled You Surround The Mystery. The music was produced by the reknown Brian Alexander Morgan who has also produced recordings for SWV, Nicole Wray, Martha Wash, Usher, Mariah Carey, JoJo, and more.

No Wedding No Womb! song credits

Writer: Lorriane Spencer
Music Producer: Brian Alexander Morgan
Executive Producer: N. Maurice Williams
Vocal Producer: Leland Sharp
Performed by: Kyndra Pruitt

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