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NEW Media for Solving Crimes: CrimePAY$ Radio Launches April 17


Print, Video, Blogs and now Radio!

April 17, 2011 is the launch date for another media form which assists in solving crimes across the nation.

CrimePAY$ Radio will take to the airwaves on April 17 at 8pm ET on the popular internet radio platform, BlogTalk Radio (

Each week, Max Cannon, along with co-host, nationally known justice seeker, Susan Murphy Milano, also known as “The Jane Wayne of Justice,” will be presenting information on cases of unsolved murder, missing persons, fugitives, drug dealers and sex offenders in an effort to bring the public’s attention to, not only the crime, but the rewards. Money is proven to be the greatest motivator to collect important information, catch the criminals, and solve crimes.

Since 2001 Max Cannon realized that crime pays!  Rewards, that is!  His first foray into publicizing rewards was a tabloid type paper sold in convenience stores across the country by distributors signed up to dispense the papers within their local territory.   With the popularity of the internet, Max Cannon took his vision a step further venturing into video and blogs containing more details of specific cases.  Thus, he created CrimePAY$ and RewardsTV

With the support from law enforcement and various agencies across the country, CrimePAY$ Radio hopes to bring in vital clues to assist in the apprehension of criminals.  Each week the total amount of rewards increases as new cases are being added and currently CrimePAY$ publishes over $15 million dollars in reward money.

Susan Murphy Milano ( is a national radio host on the Zeus Radio Network, as well as co-host on Crime Wire and The Roth Show each week.

CrimePAY$ is creating a new media form for solving crime, through print publications, internet blogs, video, and a new venture, radio, and eventually television.  Watch for the criminals that may be lurking in your own backyard through all of these mediums.

Each Sunday evening at 8pm ET, CrimePAY$ should be on your playlist!

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