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The Case of Missing Donna Jou: Taking to the Airwaves

Confessed Killer, John Steven Burgess, to be Released April 15

San Diego, CA……Donna Jou went missing on June 23, 2007 after meeting with a man who answered an ad placed on Craig’s List offering tutoring by Ms. Jou. That man, known as both John Steven Burgess and Logan Anderson, eventually confessed to playing a part in her death and disposing of her body from a boat in the Pacific Ocean around San Diego, CA. Since the day that Donna Jou was last seen riding off with Burgess on a motorcycle, her family has waged a campaign to know the truth.

Appearing on The Susan Murphy Milano show on March 31, Donna’s father, Reza Jou and business partner, Karim Pirani of, were able to open up questions surrounding this case to the hosts. Susan Murphy Milano is a nationally known radio host and expert on intimate partner violence. On the show, questions about Burgess arose, explicitly about his prior acts and patterns of behavior before meeting up with Donna Jou. Burgess is a registered sex offender who had failed to report in California, fled to Florida, and was subsequently arrested there when the investigators started looking at him as a suspect.

It was determined on the radio show that there are many loose ends when it comes to the investigation of John Steven Burgess. For someone whose income arose from subletting rooms in his rented home to foreign students, he was able to post a large sum of cash bond. It’s also been determined that there is approximately $200 a month being deposited into his commissary account since he’s been incarcerated. Who is making those deposits?

On April 15, John Steven Burgess will be a free man once again. He will not be monitored, but will report to a probation officer for three years, as well as report as a sexual predator every time he moves according to the release papers. It was failure to do that which led to one of his arrests, will he be more prudent this time?

In an attempt to inform the public, Murphy Milano enlisted several talk radio hosts to address this case. Hoping to open up other avenues of renewed investigation, you can hear the experts discuss at the following sites:

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