Month: April 2011


Tuning in to Solve Crime: CrimePAY$ Radio

Tuning in to Solve Crime: CrimePAY$ Radio “Rewards are proven to be a great motivator in solving crime.”  $90,000 in Total Rewards Sunday May 1, 8pm ET Case 1 – $20,000 WANTED FUGITIVE REWARD – Dr. Emilio Luna, who is under indictment for five counts of distribution of child pornography, fled house confinement on September 12, 2010. Luna, a pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona, was identified as allegedly sharing child pornography on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Case 2 – $60,000 MISSING PERSON REWARD – Billy Smolinski quarrelled with his much-older girlfriend on their Florida vacation about calls she was getting on her cell phone. It turns out they were from the woman’s other lover — a married guy she had no intention of dumping. Case 3 – $10,000 UNSOLVED MURDER REWARD – Michael Surber was a professional billiards player who played all over the country. He worked for a casino and spent all his free time practicing. Friends say if you couldn’t find Mike, he was in his basement playing the game he loved. That’s why when Michael didn’t …



Saturday April 30th —   THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS on True Crimes Uncensored on Outlaw Radio Author R. Barri Flowers . Listen live 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern on Outlaw Radio, or hear the re-broadcast 11pm Pacific on A marriage made in hell… Barely five feet tall and innocent looking, Charlene Gallego used all of her charms to entice pretty young schoolgirls into the back of a van, where her husband, Gerald, lay waiting. A killer couple bound together… Married six times and still in his early thirties, Gerald Gallego found his perfect companion in Charlene. Over a grisly period of twenty-six months, their bloody rampage spanned three states and claimed eleven lives. By kidnap, rape, and murder… In the bizarre tale of domination, depraved lust, and murder, R. Barri Flowers tells the whole story a couple’s twisted relationship, their ghastly crimes and capture, and the trial that ultimately pitted wife against husband. About the Author, R. Barri Flowers R. Barri Flowers is an award winning criminologist, true crime author, and thriller novelist. He is …

Susan Murphy Milano-SLIDE 12-28-10

Susan Murphy Milano Welcomes Recording Artist Ava Aston! In Second Hour The Mysterious Death of Janyce Hansen

Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm Eastern The Susan Murphy Milano Show “Time’s Up!” Thursday, April 28 2pm-3pm: Ava Aston Join us for the celebration of the release of Ava Aston’s newest video “Gone!” Ava Aston’s newest music video, “Gone”, the title track from her critically acclaimed “Gone” CD is scheduled to be released on Thursday April 28th, 2011. In the video storyline, Aston plays a woman who realizes she is better off alone than in her current relationship.  A common theme runs through the song, empowerment, sought by many who find themselves getting nothing in return in a stagnant relationship. “Gone” was chosen as the theme song for the popular radio show, “Time’s Up!” hosted by nationally known justice seeker and violence expert, Susan Murphy Milano, whose shows delve into the issues of escaping bad relationships safely, mirroring the lyrics in “Gone.” 3-4pm The Mysterious Death of Janyce Hansen The book is the first to explore the mysterious death of Janyce Hansen, a former top model in Denver, Colorado. Although her death took place twenty-six years …


Ward Foley, Movie Star! Well, “You Just Have to Laugh!”

The Northwest Burn Foundation in Seattle, WA is presenting a special screening of the documentary, “You Just Have to Laugh” on Saturday, May 14. As the old adage says, “laughter is the best medicine.” Those who recognize and embrace it seem to somehow overcome the speed bumps tossed in their way, and miraculously find themselves in a position to help others.  Ward Foley, known affectionately as “Scarman,”  is such a person.  Speaking nationally to various types of audiences, Ward Foley is one of the “stars” of the documentary by Comedian David Naster. Foley, born with Arthrogryposis, a rare non-degenerative condition,  has  persisted through numerous surgeries, disfigurement and pain.  Through his book, “Thank My Lucky Scars,” readers learn about a man who has been able to overcome adversities on a daily basis, and reach out to others with hands that are crippled and in pain, but filled with love and inspiration. (To purchase your copy of “Scarman” please visit the website: When life hands you pain or adversity, it doesn’t mean that it’s over!  Whether …


Digging Deeper Into the Case of Missing Brittanee Drexel on The Roth Show

Wednesday, April 27, 7-8pm ET The “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” and the “Jane Wayne of Justice” join forces! The Roth Show Two years ago, 17 year old, underage, Brittanee Drexel traveled to Myrtle Beach, SC for Spring Break from her home near Rochester, NY against her mother’s wishes.  Many questions are still unanswered by the “friends” which brought her to the last place she has been seen. Dr. Laurie Roth and Susan Murphy Milano will be joined by Brittanee Drexel’s mother, Dawn, to discuss what more can be done to find her daughter. Listen LIVE: