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Thursday, March 31


Holly Hughes

For the past decade Holly Hughes has served as a Senior Assistant District Attorney with the Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, GA where she prosecuted some of the most high-profile cases in the United States, including working on the murder case against Ray Lewis, superstar with the Baltimore Ravens.  Holly Hughes  was a triple threat prosecuting homicides, hate crimes and high profile felony cases.

Prior to making a name for herself as a tough big-city prosecutor, she also worked as an attorney specializing in Discrimination and Civil Rights.  Ms. Hughes has hosted the highly popular “Nancy Grace Show” on CNN Headline News Channel, and continues to appear as a frequent guest on the program.  She has also appeared on Court TV as a frequent commentator and legal analyst since 2003. Additionally, she appears regularly on Tru TV’s In Session and CNN, HLN Prime News as well as The Levi Page Radio, The Cop Doc Radio Show and The Susan Murphy Milano Show show as an expert in criminal law.  With over 100 media appearances Ms. Hughes has been qualified as an expert in high profile litigation and criminal procedure with the Cold Case Research Institute of Georgia.   She is also a frequent guest lecturer at local colleges and law schools.  She has been honored in Madison Avenue’s Who’s Who of Young Professionals.


Reza Jou and Karim Pirani

Three years ago, on June 23, 2007, San Diego State University honor student, Donna Jou, vanished after meeting up with a man who responded to her tutoring service ad on an online classifieds site. The man turned out to be John Steven Burgess, a three time convicted sexual predator. Because Donna’s body has not been found, Burgess unfortunately was only charged for involuntary manslaughter and is currently serving a five year prison sentence. He is due to be released on April 15, 2011 (only 2 years incarcerated for such a major crime. 

Reza Jou, Donna’s father, is on a crusade to improve Internet safety. He has invested in a new website,, that provides an online classifieds platform based on its Verified Identity technology.

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” Susan Murphy Milano always stands up as a voice for those who are silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country.

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