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Courage Empowerment Forum Welcomes Author Rosaura Torres

When the Law Fails to Serve and Protect: Courage Empowerment

Forum Welcomes Author Rosaura Torres

What happens when the one you vow to love betrays you through abuse?

What would you do if you go to seek the help of law enforcement, only to find out there is no help because the one you love is law enforcement?

Rosa Torres was faced with those decisions when she met a man over 20 years ago that became her husband who was a police officer. Their relationship with violence resulted in her receiving severe, physical battering. Rosa found herself facing a system that became numb to her cries for help. Rosa’s retelling of years living with domestic violence in her memoir Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge is a message of “self-affirmation and love of one’s self-worth” according to Anthony P. Johnson, Philadelphia political candidate.

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