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Sandra L. Brown, M.A. Training the US Army on March 30

With her years of experience and education in the area of Pathology, Sandra L. Brown, M.A. has been invited by the US Army to hold a day long training session in San Antonio, Texas.

Sandra will be addressing the effects of Cluster B disorders and domestic violence on the Army families, and how to better utilize her information when advocates are called to deal with situations arising from the stresses endured within military families.

“The truth is, nothing impacts non-pathological people as much as being in a relationship with someone who is pathological. Add to that not understanding how pathology manifests in relationships and the often manipulative behavior of those with pathology and you have partners, families, and children who are devasted almost as much by the lack of information as by the destruction that often happens at the hands of the pathological.”

By utilizing her vast knowledge, research  and life experiences with those who are afflicted with the Cluster B disorders, Sandra has developed unique training for those caught up unaware of the situation they are in.  Victims in these relationships need to be aware of the consequences, how to recognize the signs, and, most importantly, how to positively deal with their situation and keep themselves from repeating in future relationships.

Victims with pathological partners are often seeking help, but don’t know where to find it.  Through the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education, Sandra makes this information available to therapists and mental health workers, victim advocates, as well as those in the judicial field.    By participating in the continuing education of mental health professionals, as well as those in all areas of victim services, The Institute can better shine a light on the path of recovery.