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LIVE From Las Vegas! Big Mob Sitdown! On the Air March 19

Join the gang for an old fashioned Mob sit-down!

Saturday, March 19, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Come To hear the real stories of the Mob in Vegas!

Hear first hand how the Chicago out fit and New York Mob landed in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas, Nevada……Vegas has always been a watering hole for mobsters from the days when Bugsy Seigel built the Flamingo and others followed the yellow brick road paved in gold into the Nevada desert. The history of Las Vegas, and it’s fortunes, have been tied to the mob and mob money. A gathering place for those from the Chicago Outfit and the New York Mob, Las Vegas still holds mob glitz in its hands.

The history of the mob in Las Vegas is the subject of several books and movies, holding the attention of the public, most who have never been near a mobster. Now is your chance to meet face to face with former members of the mob, and those who put them behind bars on Saturday, March 19.

Join Henry Hill, the original GoodFella, former Chicago Outfit associate and Tony Spilotro’s Las Vegas lieutenant Frank Cullotta, former Gambino crime family associate Andrew DiDonato, renowned private investigator Vito Colucci, and Dennis Griffin, Author of several books on the Vegas Mob history,  for what promises to be a fun night.


The Royal Resort

99 Convention Center Drive

Las Vegas, NV

For more information call 702-735-6117

Burl Barer of True Crimes on Outlaw Radio will be hosting private eye Vito Colucci, Jr. on the show from The Royal Resort!

Listen Live at 2pm PT, 5pm ET:  http://outlawcrime.com/