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Max Cannon: CrimePAY$ Guest on “Conversations with Cogee”

Monday, March 14, from 3-5PT (6-8ET)
CrimePAY$ will be featured on the Live Las Vegas talk show,
“Conversations With Cogee” on KLAV 1230am.

CALL IN LIVE: (702)731-1230

Creating a NEW media for solving crime.
Most Wanted.Fugitives.Unsolved.Missing Persons.Sex Offenders

CrimePAY$ and Max Cannon are all about the money!  Rewards, that is!  CrimePAY$ was established to assist in bringing awareness to unsolved crimes, fugitives, missing persons, and sex offenders where there is a bounty waiting to be collected by the one who can provide information to authorities.  Using print (Local MugSHOTS), blogs (RewardsTV), video (CrimePAY$ TV) and radio (CrimePAY$ Radio), Max is creating a new media force to bring resolution to crime.

Max Cannon and Cogee will be discussing the subject of sexual predators, and how they are recognized and dealt with in our society.

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The show is titled “Hidded Family Secrets,” a special 3 hour presentation with special guests, Max Cannon, Jay Fitter, Elsa Prado and Angela Rose of PAVE.  The panel will be discussing the fight against pedophiles and child abuse.

Conversations With Cogee™ gets to the heart of show business because the game changes everyday.  There’s things to explain and some things unexplained, there’s good news, bad news, there’s pain and there’s joy.  There’s love and there’s hate – BUT THINK– for every positive in this page, notice I came back with a negative.  Some negativeness comes from not being seen, heard or felt on my show-you can air your heart out.  You can have a chance to tell your story and hopefully change a lives with your message. This radio show isn’t a boxing ring.  We gonna keep it real.  But not through disrespectful conversations – there’s too sides to every story – we keep it smooth.  Nobody’s a loser on this show because everybody’s story isn’t the same.

This show is made to change lives, rebuild homes, build up our communities and let successful people tell their story, drop some knowledge to success and give you a good route to take or to think about.  My guests will give you the downfall of their story as well.  Remember there’s two sides to a story!

You can be the judge on how I’m trying to change the world brick by brick.  All my guests are contractors coming to help build this vision-to help change the minds of the lost ones or unsure people of the world, looking to find their way or looking to rebuild their lives.  I hope God gives me the tools I need but most of all open the ears of the deaf and open the eyes of those that don’t want to see and open the ears of those that just don’t want to hear the realness of the movers and shakers.  All I can say is pray for all my guests and me as well-to do the right thing that God has in His plan for me-to do His will.  We all can and shall overcome!

I start my show by saying what’s up “family” because we all are one under God!  So until then holla at ya family!