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CrimePAY$: Max Cannon

In 2001 Max Cannon was publishing a free “waiting room” publication that was placed in doctor’s offices, car repair businesses, restaurants and other places where people have to wait.  It was full of trivia, jokes and puzzles and sprinkled in were pictures of local mugshots and wanted fugitives, paid for by small ads placed by local business. Local MugSHOTS was born, published by SafeCITY Publishing bi-weekly.

This publication evolved into a 12 page tabloid, costing only $1,  with current mugshots, inmate status, registered sex offenders, fugitives, missing persons and the most lucrative part, rewards.  Distributed throughout several states through local distributors, the publication is targeted to the local audience where someone might recognize a face, collect a reward, find a missing person and solve a crime.

With the popularity of the internet, Max Cannon took his vision a step further venturing into video and blogs containing more details of specific cases.  Thus, he created CrimePAY$ and RewardsTV. is a blog which delves further into the details of cases as well as posts the reward amounts for each one.  There is over 14 million dollars in rewards posted on the site from all over the country.  Money is a great motivator and the hope is that clues will be found and turned in for the posted rewards.

CrimePAY$ takes the unsolved cases to a video form, again, explaining details using footage and prepared in a news format.  The video takes you visually through the case, explaining details, asking questions and amplifying the rewards offered.

Max Cannon and his distributors work closely with local law enforcement and assist in the recovery of missing persons by the distribution of information and rewards.

CrimePAY$ is creating a new media form for solving crime, through print publications, internet blogs, video, and a new venture, radio, and eventually television.  Watch for the criminals that may be lurking in your own backyard through all of these mediums.