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Susan Murphy-Milano, Intimate-Abuse/Cold-Case Crime Expert, and iAscend’s Pamela Chapman Lock Arms for the Greater Cause

Two global voices form joint-venture partnership to eradicate intimate-partner abuse and the violent crimes associated with it while bringing hope, restoration and radical change to its victims.


GYPSUM, CO, February 22, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Two, no-nonsense forces joint venture to fight against intimate-partner violence and the heinous crimes associated with it. “We don’t stop there,” Chapman states. “Due to their experiences, victims are often left bruised. This partnership assists victims through the entire transformation–from the danger and abuse into radical change, empowerment and abundant living using proven, step-by-step tools.”

Susan Murphy-Milano is praised as one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers of our day in the domestic-violence prevention field. As an expert in the area of intimate-partner violence and the prevention of homicide, Murphy-Milano has created specific toolsand procedures which the abused need to safely leave a violent relationship.

Ms. Murphy-Milano has been an intimate-partner advocate since childhood having witnessed her father, a decorated Chicago Violent Crimes Detective, brutally and violently attack her mother repeatedly. The words, “If you leave I will kill you,” turned into reality the night she walked into her home and found her mother murdered and her father in the next room dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. She vowed, at that time, to carve a road and change the way the world looked at violence in and outside the home. Murphy-Milano has since kept her promise. Her quest for justice was instrumental in the passage of the Illinois Stalking Law and the Lauternberg Act. Her books and strategies are taught worldwide by law enforcement, domestic abuse advocates, social workers, attorneys, health care workers, human resource departments and domestic violence agencies.

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” she stands as a voice for the silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country. Murphy-Milano’s specialty is domestic violence case and document reviews, divorce planning, criminal case reviews and abusive relationships involving law enforcement.

It has been said that Pamela Chapman’s audience comes forward, to the edges of their seats, anticipating the healing words that come from a higher source. Each one is hushed listening intently to hear a message perfectly orchestrated for their personal life.

A product of childhood domestic violence herself, Chapman grew up voiceless combating low self-esteem, and plagued with debilitating fears. While excelling at everything she touched, tormented by perfectionism, at the end of a day she felt unfulfilled, fearful, and discontented. At the age of 40, her life erupted forcing her to realize if she did not experience an extreme life change, she would come to her demise. Since then, Chapman has been on a quest finding real healing, restoration, and a life of amazing abundance. She found her destiny, calling and purpose when she turned her attention away from herself and focused on being a voice, advocate, and coach for others who were yet in her old dilemma–just getting through life without purpose, direction and fulfillment.

Today, as an author, spiritual teacher, certified coach, and advocate, her gifts help mend the broken hearted. Chapman’s niche is self-esteem, abundant-life consulting where she works mostly with women who are ready, willing and able to live a life of empowerment. She does not believe in victimization, cycling, or hopelessness. She believes if a woman wants to move forward, she has to stop looking back, be transparent with herself, break life-debilitating patterns, and believe that the power to change is within. Chapman offers a service called, “The Abundant Life Extreme Makeover,” where she uses coaching, mentoring and practical tools as well as Emotional Freedom Technique to move women forward effectively, efficiently and painlessly.

The two have already changed thousands of lives globally. Chapman, and Murphy-Milano are blog-talk show hosts “Beyond the Shift-Living Your Bliss” and “Here Women Talk” respectively, and are also blog authors. Murphy-Milano has been prominently featured in newspapers, magazines, radio and television including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Radio, ABC’S 20/20, Justice Files, E-True Hollywood, CNN to name only a few. Chapman has numerous humanitarian awards.

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