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Liz Seccuro, Author of “Crash Into Me” Special Guest on The Susan Murphy Milano Show “Time’s Up!”

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Thursday, February 24


Special Guest:

Liz Seccuro

As a 17 year old student at the University of Virginia, justice was no doubt the last thing in Liz Seccuro’s mind.  However, that quickly changed when she became a victim of rape in a fraternity bedroom.  Liz and her parents contacted local authorities, as well as campus authorities, she was examined at a local hospital,  all the proper reports were made, and yet, with jurisdiction questions and the Dean of Students and the University doing nothing in her behalf, it went no further.

Seccuro graduated and went on to get married and start a family when, out of the blue, her attacker made contact with her.  In an effort to complete an AA 12 step program he apologized, but it only fueled Seccuro’s fears for her safety and the safety of her family, and after 21 years, she filed charges.   Liz Seccuro forced herself through panic and anxiety to bring about justice for herself and for other victims of rape, exposing the attitudes of college campuses, as well as the

justice system, and shines a light on the lack of concern for rape victims.

“Crash Into Me: A Survivor’s Search for Justice” tells the riveting story of Liz Seccuro’s ordeal.

This brave account reveals an alarming array of mishandling, poor judgment, and obfuscation or outright lies from university officials and from students at the party, and shines light on a systemic lack of concern and care given to rape victims. (Publisher’s Weekly)


Monica Caison from CUE Center for Missing persons will be presenting the case of missing mother of three, Patty Vaughan.
Patty has been missing under suspicious circumstances since Christmas Day, 1996, and may possibly be a victim of intimate partner homicide.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Vaughan was last seen between 18.30  – 21.00 by her estranged husband at their residence in Wilson County,

Texas on December 25, 1996.

Patty and her husband began a trial separation in October 1996. He moved into an apartment in San Antonio, Texas and Patty remained at their

residence on Oak Park Road in La Vernia, Texas with their three children. The couple had been married since 1985. Patty was dating a former boyfriend in December 1996 and the relationship apparently caused an argument between Patty and her estranged husband at her home on December 25, 1996.

She is believed to have driven off after an argument with her husband.

Her husband told authorities that Patty left the house alone on December 25 and simply vanished. He filed for divorce from his wife on December 26, one day after Patty was last seen. Other family members reported her as a missing person to authorities. Patty’s blue Dodge Caravan was discovered abandoned with a flat tire on December 26, one day after she was last seen. The vehicle was located on Loop 1604 in South Bexar County, approximately 5 miles from Patty’s employer and 15 miles from her home. Tests revealed that the tire had been intentionally deflated.

Investigators searched her residence and vehicle and discovered blood inside the van, on the walls and floor of Patty’s bedroom and on a mop inside the house. Someone had attempted to clean the blood from the premises prior to discovery. DNA testing proved that the blood was Patty’s. She has never been located and no arrests have been made in connection with her case.

Foul play is suspected in Patty’s disappearance due to the circumstances involved.

We will be joined by Patty’s sister, Barb Kinsey to examine the case.

Monica will be broadcasting from the search for Krishonda Townsend from Mineral Wells, TX and will give us an update.

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” Susan Murphy Milano always stands up as a voice for those who are silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country.

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