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Lavinia Masters Honored to be Invited to South Africa

Noted DNA Research Company Extends Invitation to Lavinia Masters


February 14, 2011 —
Dallas, Texas ……Lavinia Masters, Founder of S.A.V.E.(Sexual Abuse Victim Empowering) Ministry in Dallas, Texas has been invited to conduct workshops and speak March 19-27 in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Port Elisabeth, South Africa, with other locations to be added in the near future. The invitation was extended by Chris Asplen, Vice President of International Public Affairs for Gordon Thomas Honeywell and consultant and speaker on forensic technologies, particularly DNA. Asplen is also the Executive Director for the non-profit, DNA4Africa.

Lavinia’s host for the one week tour of speaking engagements and workshops for victims is Inqaba Biotec, a leading South African genome company and its executive director, Dr. Oliver Preisig.

About Inqaba Biotec:
inqaba biotec is a genomics company based in Pretoria, South Africa. We cater to the life science needs of academic and private institutions alike in Africa.

inqaba biotec’s offerings include our own products and services such as :
• Oligonucleotide synthesis
• Sanger sequencing service using the ABI 3130XL and ABI 3500XL sequencers
• High-throughput DNA sequencing service using a Roche /454 GS FLX sequencer
• Customised services like amplicon cloning, library construction, microsatellite screenings etc.
• Bioinformatics solutions and support

inqaba biotec also distributes molecular reagents and kits, molecular diagnostic products and laboratory equipment.

Lavinia Masters is a champion of DNA research and the use of its forensic development in the area of identifying perpetrators of sexual abuse. Her own experience of being assaulted as a thirteen year old, and put on hold for 20 years before the identity of her attacker was known because of the backlog of testing, qualifies her to speak to the issues surrounding the necessity for prompt DNA results.

Masters has worked vigorously for changes in legislation, written books and poetry, and advocates for victims within her community and across the country. She facilitates a support group, S.A.S.S.I. (Sexual Abuse Survivor Support Initiative), for men and women who are victims of sexual abuse, molestation and incest. She has appeared numerous times on local and national news outlets commenting on the need for prompt DNA testing results for all sexual assault victims. Lavinia’s ministry is one of awareness, education and healing.

She will be accompanied on her trip by her husband, Ricky Masters, an ordained minister and former US Marine, who also serves as the Assistant Director and Chaplain for both S.A.V.E. Ministry and S.A.S.S.I.

For additional information:
Delilah Jones
PO Box 14946
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