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Gayle Crabtree: Writing For Dollars!

Of all the people who can turn life’s lemons to lemonade, Gayle Crabtree does it with style and dignity and transparency!  During this economic downturn many are faced with financial hardships we never thought we would encounter, however, there are many ways to deal with it.  Gayle Crabtree hits it head on!

Faced with mounting medical costs, along with regular household bills, as well as decreases in donations for her non-profit, Hope For Healing.Org, Gayle sits high in the saddle and not only figures out unique ways to bring in extra income, but shares it with the world!

Gayle has always been known as someone with great ideas to raise funds, always looking outside the box, especially to keep her work with survivors and victims of violence going in the direction of her dreams.  Never one to look defeat in the eye without a plan, she pulls her bootstraps up and just starts heading in a new direction!

Life’s trials have knocked at her door many times, she has survived a rough childhood, a rape, and her children’s and her own medical issues, but that does not sway her positive attitude and her willingness to get the job done anyway she can.

Gayle Crabtree loves to write!  She has authored two books, which you can find on this site CLICK HERE, and has freelanced for every online writing outlet I can think of.  Using her love for the word and her skills, she writes about her encounters with and prevention of family violence, she reviews products, as well as memories of her many travels.  There are no subjects that she won’t try her hand at writing about!

Getting out of Debt!

Now that’s a subject for all of us to sit up and pay attention to.  Gayle is embarking on a journey, paying her bills one word at a time, and she’s taking us, the readers, along with her.

Are you in debt too? Maybe you’re just having a harder time at making ends meet, like millions of us learning to live with less.  Gayle Crabtree is extending this invitation to learn along with her as she “writes her way out of debt.”  We should all sit up, take notice, and pay attention because there will be many lessons to learn!

Gayle’s Invitation:

You are invited to join me on the journey. I write on Yahoo!/Associated Content plusExaminer and Factoidz. My other blog is You’ve Been Reviewed. Random articles will be posted there (you can also find the links on the sidebar). Money from the page views on the articles will help me pay the back bills. Hopefully, the articles will also be fun to read!


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