How To Keep Up With All the “How To” Lists!

AND another "How-to" list!
AND another

AND another “How-to” list!

How to!

10 Easy Ways!

5 Simple Steps!

8 Incredible Tips!

Everything You Need to Know!

How many of these do you get in your email, readers and blog updates?   I know you’ve subscribed to all the popular experts’ newsletters, haven’t you?  They can write about every topic thinkable and it seems they have the answers you’re looking for!

But….do they?

  • How to get more traffic to your website!
  •  How to improve your content!
  • How to get gajillions of Twitter followers!

The lists go on and on, droning through the article and tromping through the comments with opinions of every nature, loyal followers fawning all over the place with condescending comments.

Are these totally awesome tips written by “experts” or those we have deemed “experts”, or are they just “experts” in their own minds?

As we are all riding the wave of the world wide web and looking for new and shiny things to help us be the best at what we do, are we really being the best that we can be?

Who or what defines our success? The numbers?

Everyone who has a blog or website is using some type of measuring device like Google Analytics, StatCounter, or any bright bauble coming to the forefront of internet marketing, to gauge the progress of their latest campaign.  Maybe an abacus or a sheet of paper and a #2 pencil would do the same thing if you knew exactly what it is you are tallying!  Page hits, unique visitors, click throughs, where did they come from, and how can I get them to come back?

We are reading and reading and reading, hanging on every word and watching the measurements hoping to touch the holy grail to make “it” happen.

We are  following every new thing the “gurus” tell us to do, but how can we possibly keep up with the latest buzzwords, the latest trends and the latest gadget or widget to make the magic happen?

Or, are we losing business because we’ve lost touch with how to get it in the first place?

Call me old fashioned, but something tells me the “gurus” and self proclaimed experts are out there trying to re-invent the wheel!

Sales and marketing 101 teaches the basics of building customer relationships, dancing the client’s dance, selling them what they want to buy!  No big “How To” lesson here!  Just do it!

So, adding 1 more “How to” to the lists!  Not really a list but just simple to understand, easy to do advice.

Be what your client wants, meet their needs, build that relationship, and they will come back AND they will bring someone with them!  Then you have 2!  See how that works?  2 plus 2 and pretty soon, your business grows, your clients are happy, and they will grow your business!

And it didn’t take a new app to figure it out. Stop selling your lists and walk your talk, Mr./Ms. Guru Expert.

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