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Crime Wire Investigates: The Unsolved Murder of Lacey Gaines 

Tuesday, February 1, 9pm ET
Unsolved Murder of Lacey Gaines

Lacey Gaines was a beautiful young mother who was brutally attacked and murdered in Justice, IL on Dec. 7, 2009.  However, justice has not come forth for Lacey, her murderer has not been arrested, and her son is left without his mother.

We will be discussing the murder of Lacey Gaines and will be joined by her Aunt, Cherry Simpson.

Missing Man, Michael Tapley

The last time anyone saw Michael Tapley was during President’s Day weekend last year. According to his wife Gina, they went on a trip to see her mother in Missouri. She dropped him off at a casino and never saw him again.

Joining us to discuss her brother is Kim Palmer who feels there is more to the story than what has been told.

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