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Crime Wire Team Investigates Unsolved Murder of Kaitlyn Arquette

The Murder

Kaitlyn Arquette, 18, was murdered in Albuquerque on July 16, 1989. Albuquerque police dubbed the shooting a “random drive-by” and refused to investigate any other possibility.  The case has never been solved.

Kait’s family believes she was killed because she was a potential Whistle Blower.  In the months directly preceding her murder, Kait was in a position to have gained information about a number of illegal activities involving dangerous and corrupt individuals.  Among those activities were the following:

  • Asian Crime in New Mexico and California
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Drug Activities Involving New Mexico VIPs
  • Police Corruption

At 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 16, 1989, 18-year-old Kaitlyn Arquette, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who had recently graduated from high school and gotten her own apartment, stopped by her parents’ home en route to visit a new girlfriend, Sharon Smith. Kait told her parents that Sharon had invited her for dinner and had given her written directions to her house in Old Town. Kait also said that she was breaking up with her live-in Vietnamese boyfriend, Dung Ngoc Nguyen, and if he called trying to find her, not to say where she was.

Kait kept her dinner date with Sharon and left her friend’s home at 10:45 p.m. The Albuquerque police think that while driving east on Lomas Blvd. in the direction of her parents’ house, she was shot twice in the head.  Her car jumped the median and came to rest against a pole at the intersection of Lomas and Arno Streets.  Kait survived 20 hours in a coma and died the next evening. The police ruled that Kait was the victim of a random drive-by shooting. No one was charged and the case went cold.

However, Kait’s parents, Lois and Don Arquette, didn’t agree with the police theory of how their daughter died and launched their own investigation. The results of their ongoing inquiry are disturbing to say the least, with indications of police incompetence or possible corruption.

Tonight Kait’s case will be profiled for the full hour. Guests will include Lois Duncan Arquette, Crime Wire Consultant and Arquette family investigator Pat Caristo, and Crime Wire Consultant and statement analyst Peter Hyatt.

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