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Wendy Mazaros, Author of “Vegas Rag Doll” on Outlaw Radio With Burl Barer

Burl Barer, Don Woldman and the patrons of the Lighten Up Lounge welcome Wendy Mazaros to Outlaw Radio!

Saturday, January 22 at 2pm PT, 5pm ET



Las Vegas is accustomed to colorful characters with pasts they’d rather not talk about. But Wendy Hanley’s story of sex, drugs, corruption, and murder, featuring many well-known figures from the city’s history, still stands out in the crowd. Her shocking true story of tragedy and survival is detailed in Vegas Rag Doll.

As a child, Wendy Watson relished the small frontier town of Las Vegas, where she and a friend rode their horses to Caesars Palace and tied them up out front while they ate lunch. But as a teenager in the 1970s, Wendy’s troubled home life and rebellious spirit led her to the legendary Horseshoe Club on Fremont Street, where she hooked up with Ted Binion, youngest son of notorious gambling figure Benny Binion. Her affair with the casino scion soon devolved into Ted forcing the underage beauty to sleep with high-rolling gamblers.

In addition to tracing Wendy Hanley’s harrowing life story, Vegas Rag Doll paints a vivid portrait of the final years of organized crime in Las Vegas, before the corporations took control. In a fascinating era when legitimate facades disguised dark secrets, Wendy Hanley had a front-row seat — and a knack for survival.