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Thursday, January 20


Vito Colucci, PI

Former Undercover Organized Crime Investigator and current high profile Private Investigator, Vito Colucci, Jr. will join us.  Vito has several new projects, including a show on A&E titled, “Blood Work” which will be airing soon. Vito Colucci is the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, “Crime Time With Vito Colucci” as well as part of the Crime Wire Team and co-host of the internet radio show, “Crime Wire” along with Author, Dennis Griffin and Violence Prevention Expert, Susan Murphy Milano.


Vito has been a private investigator for the past 22 years, working many high profile cases; Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, Jayson William’s case, and honeymooner, George Smith’s case .

At the knee or at the defense table Colucci was a fixture at Skakel’s murder trial in 2002, accompanying the defendant to court, tracking information about dubious witnesses and accumulating information for Skakel’s lead attorney Mickey Sherman. (By Lennie Grimaldi The Fairfield County Weekly)

He has also worked on many high profile cases in CT including murders, rapes, corrupt priest, the Andrew Kissel murder case and the Chimpanzee attack on a Stamford woman.

Vito Colucci is a regular commentator on various news programs including: Fox News MSNBC, Catherine Crier/Court TV, Star Jones, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Larry King, CNN Headline News, and The Bill O’Reilly Show, as well as being a featured speaker at the first World Investigator’s Conference in LasVegas in 2005.

Colucci Investigations has a staff of six investigators with various criminal justice backgrounds. Vito is also co-owner of The Spy’s the Limit Inc.

Vito Colucci is the author of  “Inside the Private Eyes of a PI,”  in which he talks candidly about divorce in America, missing persons and personal injury cases.  You’ll learn professional surveillance tips, tools of the trade, and you’ll even get a look at what goes on in the studio during Vito’s TV appearances.  There’s even a funny chapter on Vito’s first meeting with pop super star, Michael Bolton.

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We will be joined by Pastor Neil Schori of Naperville Christian Church, and Joe Hosey, Journalist and Editor of the Shorewood Patch.  We will be discussing the Drew Peterson case and the role each of them have had in searching for truth and justice for Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson.
Neil Schori serves as lead pastor of Naperville Christian Church. Neil has a Master of Arts in counseling from Lincoln Christian Seminary. 

Over the past 10 years, Neil has served full-time in several pastoral roles ranging from family care and counseling to community groups and assimilation.

Neil is also an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Neil lives in the Chicago suburbs with wife, Brandi, and three daughters, Hannah, Mia & Ava.  You can learn more about Neil on his blog.

Joe Hosey was recently featured on the A&E Biography of Drew Peterson and is the author of “Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson.”

Joseph Hosey has been on the cusp of every major development in the Drew Peterson case. He is the only member of the media to cover Kathleen Savio’s inquest, having broken the stories of her death and, later, the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson

In October 2007, twenty-three-year-old Stacy Peterson vanished from the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, leaving behind her husband and children. Retired Police Sergeant Drew Peterson, thirty years Stacy’s senior, steadfastly asserted his innocence and maintained that his wife had simply fled their tumultuous marriage and run off with another man. 


Throngs of journalists and camera crews besieged Peterson’s quiet suburban cul-de-sac, but the ex-cop seemed to relish in this newfound limelight. As exhaustive searches for Stacy’s body turned up nothing and suggestive clues led nowhere, questions were raised: about their unusual marriage, about Stacy’s past vocal concerns for her safety, and about Drew Peterson’s bizarre public behavior in the wake of Stacy’s disappearance.

Then, in February 2008, came a startling development. After a second autopsy, the unusual death of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, was ruled a homicide. Three and a half years earlier, Savio had been found dead in the bathtub of their home, but in light of Stacy’s curious disappearance, Kathleen’s body was exhumed and the case was reopened.

Two of Drew Peterson’s four wives, it appeared, had met untimely fates — ­tragic and unexpected but hardly coincidental.

Drawing upon exclusive interviews with Stacy’s friends and family and even Drew himself, Chicago-area reporter Joseph Hosey presents the most researched account of the Stacy Peterson case yet. Still, as the charges against Drew Peterson mount, one haunting question remains: Where on earth is Stacy?

Known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice,” Susan Murphy Milano always stands up as a voice for those who are silenced in a world of intimidation and violence within their homes and in courtrooms across the country.

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