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Crime Wire Investigates: The Molly Bish Case and Human Trafficking

The first case is the June 27, 2000 disappearance and subsequent death of 16-year-old Molly Bish in Warren, Mass. Molly’s mother dropped her off that morning at Comins Pond, the local swimming hole, where the high school junior had just started a summer job as a lifeguard. When swimmers arrived twenty minutes later, the only traces of Molly were her water-bottle, sandals, a police radio and an opened first aid kit. Molly had vanished.

The ensuing search for Molly became the most extensive in Massachusetts history.  Molly’s story was told on America’s Most Wanted, 48 Hours, Court TV, Unsolved Mysteries, Larry King, Nancy Grace and other national and local media outlets.

But in spite of everyone’s best efforts, Molly’s fate remained a mystery for three long years. And then in June 2003, the search for Molly came to a heartbreaking end when 26 of her bones were found scattered on the side of a mountain only five miles from her home. Molly was buried on her 20th Birthday. No arrests have been made and the case remains unsolved.

Joining us to discuss this tragic case is Heather Bish, Molly’s sister.

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Human Trafficking in Las Vegas and Beyond

On the second segment we’ll talk about the horrible crime of child sex trafficking. Andrea Pitcher of Stop Child Trafficking Now and Nevada Assemblyman John Hambrick will talk about the problem and ways to combat it.

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