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Lyn Twyman Covers the Topic of Helping Children Transition From Foster Care With Guest Marthe lewis

Foster care children are precious members of our communities who are often forgotten. The transition from family life to independence can be a frightening, displacing experience. In this week’s program of Lyn Twyman’s Courage Empowerment Forum, her featured guest will be Marthe Lewis, one of Redbook’s Inspiring Women and founder of Livvy Love Foundation, an organization helping those exiting the Foster Care System.

We’ll look at the lives of foster care children, their struggles and resources available that most are unaware exist. Tune in Tuesday, January 4th at 9 PM eastern for this great interview!

Marthe Lewis

LivvyLove Foundation (LLF) gives young adults graduating from the Foster Care System (FCS) productive alternatives while exiting the system.

LivvyLove Foundation assists young leaders of tomorrow and supports the local community through programs, work, and charities.

LLF conducts monthly seminars and workshops at which participants ranging in age from teens to adults can learn constructive and practical methods to adapt to independent living and self-support, both financially and personally. Youth & adults interested in receiving Post-FCS guidance from LivvyLove are welcome to attend.

Go to the link and listen live every Tuesday night!