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The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction Offers Therapist Training With Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

ATTENTION:  Domestic Violence Professionals and/or Mental Health Professionals: WE NEED YOU TO BE TRAINED IN OUR MODEL OF CARE APPROACH!


Don’t have the time to travel to Florida for those dates? No problem! Attend all 4 days via webcam from the comfort of your office! Same price but you get to wear your slippers!

60 million people are negatively impacted by someone else’s pathology. That means there are millions of survivors looking for appropriately trained professionals who understand more than just the Power & Control wheel. We need referral resources out there! Help us reach more survivors by becoming a trained professional in The Institute’s Model of Care Approach for Pathological Love Relationships with Cluster B Disordered Partners

The Institute will be offering licensed mental health and addiction professionals the ability to become trained and certified in The Institute’s Model of Care in ‘Pathological Love Relationships.’

The absence of trained and qualified professionals in counseling is an obstacle to recovery for survivors. One of The Institute’s missions is to train others so that quality care is available to survivors. Training will include:

Pathology Basics


  • The Permanence of Pathology and It’s Relationship to Cluster B
  • The Types of Pathology that are Dangerous in Relationships
  • Safety Elements in Constructing a Coordinated Exit
  • Helping Clients Understand Their Patterns of Selection and What It’s Related to
Pathological Love Relationships

  • Dichotomous Dynamics
  • The use of Suggestibility, Trance, and Hypnotic Inductions in Relationships
  • Super-Traits and Their Effect on Relationship Selection
  • The Genetic Transmission of ADHD/Addictions/Psychopathy
  • How to Help Parents Become Aware of Emerging Pathology in Their Children
  • Group Facilitator’s Training Manual for Middle School, High School, and Adult Groups
Therapeutic Interventions & Psychotherapy Processes

  • PTSD
  • Treatment issues related to PTSD
  • Patient Self Care and PTSD Approaches
  • Eriksonian Personality Development and It’s Relationship to Pathology/Personality Disorders
  • The Relational Effects From Developmental Deficits and Personality Disorders
  • Cognitive Dissonance and It’s Connection to Pathological Love Relationships
  • Specific Patient Approaches/Model of Care

Cost is $650 for the 4 days of training.  The training will be held at The Hampton Inn in Largo (Clearwater), FL. We have secured reduced conference rates. Become a referral source for The Institute by being trained in our Model of Care Approach. Email us for more info

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